1970 Ford Truck For Sale, The Rivian R1T Suddenly and Impressively Becomes the World’s First All-Electric Pickup Truck. Not Ford. Not Tesla.

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1970S FORD TRUCKS FOR SALE – Image via cdn.bringatrailer.com

1970 Ford Truck For Sale, The Rivian R1T Suddenly and Impressively Becomes the World’s First All-Electric Pickup Truck. Not Ford. Not Tesla.-The unwanted North American lorry market changed dramatically and suddenly as the company’s strength and independence in Riviana Automotive, formerly in Florida and Michigan, became the first known this week. The first 100% electronic driver in the world. Something that Ford and Chrysler have done have admitted that they never started to produce hybrids or make hybrids, all of them being sentenced to failure.

Though Tesla’s vision for a light electric truck continues to be in Ford’s design so that VW could launch its electronic program because it no longer has money, Riviana will win every American armored career. That is why it is a game changer that explains market demand and consumers’ preferences. Now, a fully electronic truck in the world shows what is really a lorry transfer.

The R1T has impressive statistics that bear the weight of even a trailer capacity and a very long battery that some European electric cars that are currently in production can not withstand incredible steam:

1970 Ford Truck For Sale

Rivian shows R1T Van:

RRP starts at $ 69,000 and then grows. The most expensive models first make money.
A refund of $ 1000.
Production will start soon, “deliveries to the end of 2020”.
Cheaper versions a year later.
Five passengers with four doors.
3 battery selection: 105 kW, 135 kW, 180 kW.
An unprecedented electric drive with 4 engines.
Maximum speed: 125 km / h.
0-60 4.9, 3.0, 3.2 s
Beach: 230 +, 300 +, 400 + miles.
Saws: 2,670 kg.
Charging: 800 kg
Towbar: 5.000 kg.
Tumbled! Four engines! Do you watch Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes?
Look at it, the transmit tunnel! Looking at Ford?
Riviana Automotive turned a little closer to opening up and opened a new chapter in the world’s industrial history, the world’s first automotive producer of fully electronic crops. A truck designed for the next decade, up to 2020, is the oldest car maker in the world.

Why and how does the game change?

The irony is that although all the heirs had a lot of money then and they had enough time to develop a completely electronic load, Rivia had undergone thorough research and thoroughly orchestrated for ten years. To date, well, come to judgment day and the winner is responsible, as Ford deal has just signed the devil’s device company commercial truck VW VW take over CBG electric platform, Ford’s no program provides clean electricity connectivity.

In addition, your Ford F-150 shift is at the front line as the main funds are moved to the new outdoor air segment and is not running a model race a few years ago. Furthermore, Tesla’s plans to include vans on a vehicle fleet are avoided in order to reach the majority of BEV markets with almost complete BEV vehicle selection.

Riviana formula

Riviana seems to have a number of books on Industrial games, VW Tesla has lent and seems to be perfect for the next level platforms in the battery compartment, software and news tunnel and boxes with bolted changes (though not right and upright Bollinger), driving at least 230 km of petrol for four electric motor unprecedented Unlike The previous standard: bottom, two heavy work or performance, gorgeous appearance, high quality decor, best start with the most options and bottom of the market for everyone welcome.


However, there is nothing to blame for being a rami-work, especially in the interior design sector. Riviana is characterized by an unpleasant shame on Tesla’s simplicity. It has an internal control panel that is not confined to a single display or provides the intended function, luxury, and even elegance.

This is a kind of high end instrument cluster that you can easily see in a luxury or special vehicle. I actually look at this forum and remind you that Elwood Angel is still alive and Chrysler is here today …

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