Used Army Trucks, Touch a Truck event invites Manatee children to explore big trucks, local libraries

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Used Army Trucks – A frenzy of noise stormed downtown Bradenton once again Saturday afternoon when Manatee Libraries held its fifth annual Touch a Truck event. Local children and their parents are welcome to visit the Central Library, 1301 First Ave. W., to interact with 12 different trucks and service vehicles. The program has become a big hit, attracting hundreds every year, and this iteration is no different, organizers said.

Glenda Lammers, the temporary library manager, said that there was much to be prepared for this event every year, but the results were commensurate at all times. “That is something we really want to do for children, but not only bring children to the library, it brings their parents,” he said. “Often, parents don’t come to the library or the children haven’t gone to the library, so this is a good opportunity for families to come to the library and check what we offer and things like that. ”

Used Army Trucks

New parents, Stephanie and John McDonald said their 1-year-old son, Nolan, enjoyed his first chance to play in the real version of the car he played at home.

“He shouted at all the trucks we passed when we were in the car and he had a thousand of them at home, so this was really good for him,” Stephanie said.

Megan Fisher also brought her four daughters to play in a vehicle. Three of them climbed into the cabin of the Manatee District Search and Rescue truck while their 7-month-old baby watched from his arm.

However, his older children, Haileigh and Ryleigh’s 5-year-old twins and 7-year-old Maddison, said it was their favorite truck. Fisher noted that they would also look at the library during their visit.

Lammers encourage everyone to explore the library, which offers more than anyone might think. Fishing rods, telescopes, baking pans and binoculars are just a few items that can be rented for free with a library card, he explained.

But with vehicles from the Bradenton Police Department, Manatee District Government and U.S. Army National Guards, there are many things to see outside as well. One of the most popular is the M1097 Avenger which can be operated with a remote control.

Specialist Donald Anderson, who also volunteered at Touch a Truck last year, shows how the vehicle functions and how it will be used in battles to fire Stinger missiles. The program also gives children the opportunity to ask their role models about their work.

“I have many children who ask me about the Army and how I like it,” Anderson said. “I’m always happy to answer it.”

While Touch a Truck proved to be a popular program, it made some library visitors off guard, but they still had fun. Mary Avery made a regular visit to the library when she found the crowd.

“That’s a very good idea,” Avery said. “My son is 25 years old now, but if they do this when he is young, I will definitely take him to get involved in the library. Incredible.”

For more information about the Manatee Library, visit the library section on the county website at

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