1950 Ford Truck For Sale Craigslist, 5 People to Never Buy a Car From on Craigslist

1950 Ford Truck For Sale Craigslist,1950 Ford Pickup For Sale Craigslist,1950 Ford Truck For Sale On Craigslist

1950 FORD TRUCK FOR SALE CRAIGSLIST – Image via i.ytimg.com

1950 Ford Truck For Sale Craigslist – If you need a new car, you can visit Craigslist.org. This online website classified as a place for many sellers of cars, trucks, vans and jeeps to advertise their cars for sale. Even though you might find some great offers, there are several types of people you can’t buy a used car from on Craigslist. Who are those people?

1 – People who don’t bother uploading images.

A car is a big purchase. Even if you only spend $ 500 on an old clunker, it’s still $ 500. Most car buyers will arrange a quick check and trial before deciding to buy. It’s smart, but do you really want to drive 35 minutes to see a car that you won’t catch?

1950 Ford Truck For Sale Craigslist

2 – People who do not provide enough information.

You might be surprised how many Craigslist car sellers give you nothing more than “I have a black Ford truck that is sold at a very good price. $ 2,500 OBO.” It took 10 seconds to write “Ford F150 1997 Black Short Bed, 100,000 miles, good condition – $ 2,000.” There is absolutely no reason why you should not be given at least make, model, and year. The seller is nothing but lazy; lazy people are bad car sellers.

3 – People who ask too much.

To be honest, it looks like Craigslist sellers are just finding out where. Guess what? Usually too much. With the example of the above mentioned Short Sleep Ford F150 1997 with 100,000 miles, I went to Kelley Blue Book to make sure the price of the example was accurate. I do this and I’m not even a car seller. It took a total of four minutes.

4 – The person who presses you to buy a car before seeing it.

This is a good sign that the car in question is garbage or that the buyer has a gambling debt that must be closed at 5pm. “I have someone who came to test the car in 1 hour, but you look very good. If you agree to buy it now, I will sell you that car instead.” Run, run, and run. Especially if the image is not provided, you might end up with a garbage pile or a demanding car seller who wants to take you to a small claim court because you gave them an oral agreement.

5 – People who are scammers.

Scams are easily found online and many will target car buyers on Craigslist. They claim to have a car to sell, but they are out of town or something like that. Yes, they are really out of town because they are likely to live in another country. They tried to cheat you. Because they cannot arrange pickup, they will send a car. Of course, they will be kind and handle transportation costs, making you believe that you get a very good price. Just wait until your check is disbursed and you are not only left bankrupt, but still take the bus to work.

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