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Fire Truck Lego Set – The story of Ninjago

Ninjago is the story of two brothers Wu Sensei and Lord Garmadon who are the sons of the late Spinjitzu teacher. Spinjitzu is a spinning Ninja art where Ninja will spin so fast that its actions will turn into a tornado. The story revolves around the Wu Sensei who protects Ninjago from his evil brother Lord Garmadon who will destroy him.

Two facts emerged, human heroes who were ninjas, and Skeletons Army led by Lord Garmadon. Four ninjas were trained by Wu Sensei to help protect Ninjago and they were taught ancient and powerful art namely Spinjitzu.

Fire Truck Lego Set

Ninjago Skeleton Monster Truck

With the creation of the LEGO Ninjago theme, many products have been released. LEGO and also ninja fans have a lot to be proud of. Now, there is another new release. This is the Monster Truck of the Ninjago Skeleton or the Ninjago Tengkorak 2506 Truck.

A package of Ninjago Skull Truck 2506 will give you 515 pieces of LEGO to be assembled into one large skeleton truck. This gives you a lot of work to do, and in LEGO more parts are more fun.

After assembling the size of the truck is more than 7 inches, 7 inches wide and 9 inches long. The color of the truck is mostly black and white but has a little purple detail for that.

What’s great about the Ninjago Skull Truck 2506 aside from its size is the great feature that accompanies it. He has a moving jaw, two cages where you can take hostages to ninjas, and hands or bone claws that can capture any mini figure.

So it’s not just one simple LEGO truck that you made. After installing it, you have one cool toy that is great for open play.

The Ninjago Skeleton Monster Truck is also equipped with 4 Ninjago characters: Lord Garmadon, two Ninjas Jay and Zane, and Wyplash. You will have good people represented by Ninjas Jay and Zane, and bad people represented by Wyplash and no less than the head of the bad guy himself, Lord Garmadon.

With this toy you can play one of the most important parts of the storyline with the LEGO Ninjago theme. And it was the Ninja who fought the evil God of Garmadon in an attempt to thwart his plan to destroy Ninjago.

The four mini figures are each equipped with accessories: Lord Garmadon with Nunchucks of lightning, Wyplash with his ax, and Jay and Zane with their weapons.

With the Ninjago theme, children, especially fans of Ninja, will have fun playing with products. And with the addition of the Ninjago Skeleton Monster Truck to the various products available, this will be a more enjoyable playing time.

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