Food Truck Vent Hood, Protecting Your Truck During Winter Time

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Food Truck Vent Hood – Winter time presents a challenging situation for truck drivers, especially those traveling in snowy areas. This particular season then requires truck owners and drivers to winter their vehicles to keep them in good condition and to avoid repair costs.

Whether you are a commercial truck owner or you are only assigned to drive it as part of your job, you are responsible for maintaining the vehicle and extending its life. Winter is an important part of this year which requires you to prepare your big vehicle for a safe trip every day. You must plan the process well and you must do it every year. None or nothing but here.

Food Truck Vent Hood

Keep in mind that driving a large vehicle during bad weather and during winter can be dangerous. And if you don’t keep the truck well, you will face high costs for repairs and maintenance later. These steps are usually taught during CDL training courses offered by accredited trucking schools. CDL training certificates are the main requirements that must be met by commercial truck drivers.

Preparing the tools needed in your truck is the first important step you must take. In addition to trucking equipment plus your spare tires, you also need to bring additional food, blankets, jackets, medical equipment, and other survival equipment.

Always check your truck every day before you leave. Check for damage or wear parts and when you find it, be sure to replace it as soon as possible to prevent problems from happening. When you check your vehicle, follow a system. For example, you can start from the front of the truck and then work clockwise to cover all areas.

Don’t ignore the engine and compartment. Check cables and hoses that are loose, worn, or damaged. The bulging part of the hose can show weak points. Make sure the hose clamps are safe and free from damage.

Radiators must also be free from leaks. If possible, add the winter mix antifreeze and then test the freezing point and additive concentration. The belt must also be in good condition.

For truck wipers, check the slats and add the winter mix remover liquid. If the knife is worn out, replace it immediately.

Your truck’s heating system must also be checked. Be sure to replace the cabin filter. Test the heater to ensure that the ventilation and door panels are functioning properly.

Don’t forget to test your vehicle’s air compressor and air dryer system too. If there is water in the air tank, drain it. The airways must also be free of leaks and water traps. Drain regularly and avoid adding liquid to it. For those who own or manage trucks with a modern air drying system, remember not to add methanol to the airways to prevent damage to the inside.

Another vital system that you have to focus on is fuel and exhaust. The fuel system must be free of water. Make sure the water separator works properly and winter fuel additives are added to the system to avoid fuel swelling due to cold weather.

Finally, check that the exhaust system has no leak because it can produce harmful fumes that can enter your truck.

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