Food Truck Water Pump, Maintaining Your Food Truck in the Winter

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Food Truck Water Pump – Half of this country is experiencing cold weather that freezes during this part of the year. This is very important for businesses that are partially or completely dependent on weather conditions for sales. And even if these businesses can find ways to keep sales high while they face the cold, they also have to maintain operating equipment that takes a long time outside.

Food trucks are no exception to this rule. Just like with a car, truck owners continue to experience difficulties by turning on the engine in cold conditions. Although you and other catering truck owners should aim to prepare your truck before winter begins, if you don’t have an easy way to do maintenance work and safety checks specifically for cold air and winter driving before the season ends. . Here are a few steps to ensure that your mobile food stand makes it until the end of the season:

Food Truck Water Pump

Make sure your latest routine care. If you do this during the winter, you can help ensure that you don’t experience unexpected repairs.

Look at your antifreeze. To help protect your food vehicle, make sure your truck contains 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze throughout the season. You can check it at a service station or test it yourself with the appropriate tool.

Check your tires. Winter is not an easy season for your tires. On ice roads, this is the most important feature between you and the safety fence. The National Highway Transportation Safety Board reports that you need a minimum depth of 2/32 “to be safe. In addition, check your tire pressure to make sure that you have all been pumped – tires tend to lose pressure when cold.

Check and replace your wiper. Your wiper is even more susceptible to damage when you and your food trailer crew are constantly using it to remove debris, ice, snow and hail from the windshield. When you drive, you depend on your wipers to clean everything from your vision that rests on the exterior, so it’s important to make sure they can do their job. In winter it becomes more important to pay attention to your catering truck wipers because your truck will find sand and salt from the snow cleaning routine in the highway department.

Keep an eye on the windshield washer of your car. It is a tendency for vehicle owners to use excess washing liquid to help melt ice from the windshield of their food trucks in the winter. Because this is the case, make sure you check and replace your washing fluid.

Continue your annual maintenance as needed, besides your winter maintenance. To ensure your food trailer performs well throughout the year, you must regularly clean the battery posts, check spark plug wires, check brakes, and check your engine oil.

Complete all these tasks during the winter so that your food truck and passengers can get ready and as safe as possible in cold weather. Don’t let this season make you lose commission!

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