Truck Wheel Chocks, Protect Your Company Truck With a Wheel Chock

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Truck Wheel Chocks – Wearing a chock truck is the best thing you can do to protect your truck and company property around it. Whether you work in the industry or service industry, your security knows that your truck will not slip worthy of the extra minutes needed to place the chock in its place. Accidents can occur when we do not follow safety instructions correctly, and that is why they are there.

If you buy a chock, you will be able to find truck wheel chocks in all types of varieties, made from different materials. But even if you won’t be the one to buy it, it’s a good idea to find out what’s available to make sure you use the right chock. Below are listed several choices of materials that can be made on the market. You can find it online or in car and truck equipment stores.

Truck Wheel Chocks

Rubber chock wheels – These are mostly used in telephone utilities and fleets and are usually black and made to resist UV, moisture, salt and oil rays. Recycled rubber construction makes it an environmentally friendly choice.

Chock Urethane wheels – Heavy duty chocks are most often used with over-the-road trucks and trailers, that is, semi trucks that pull goods and services in a trailer throughout the country. Bright colored chocks are determined by OSHA for safety. Truck wheel shocks are more specifically made for fire equipment that is very resistant to oil, fuel and solvents and is rated specifically for fire equipment. They have an aluminum base plate for superior grip in all conditions.

Metal chock – Some of which can be found which are denser and lighter than rubber or urethane and can be folded for smaller storage space requirements.

Apart from the type of material, chock is made from options on the chocks themselves. Rubber clots can be canceled with space in the middle to carry lighter or denser. Can be with legs or not with ice or steel cleats. Depending on weather conditions and road conditions, you may need to have more than one obstacle in your garage or just be safe and buy the most severe chock available.

Any truck must come with instructions and maybe an illustration of how to install the chocks correctly, and if not, chances are that you can get online to get them.

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