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Used Custom Food Trucks For Sale  – In the current economy, more than ever, people are looking for alternative sources of work for themselves. Throw a little American entrepreneurship into the mix, and you will find that one of the biggest search areas is growing on Internet sites like Google, Yahoo Search, and Bing! is the Moving Food Industry.

Mobile Cuisine magazine wants to help these potential vendors and the food truck industry by providing a series of articles that will help individuals decide whether to become a cellular food vendor is the right career change for them.

Used Custom Food Trucks For Sale

In our first series, we will discuss the basics and initial thoughts that you must devote to helping you start a cellular food business.

Prepare Your Menu

Number one, what will you sell? There are a large number of factors that you need to pay attention to before you make a decision. Where are you? What can you cook? What do people in your area think is worth spending their hard-earned money to feed themselves? Just as any restaurant owner has to decide, you must find out what suites you and your customers have. Do you have a culinary or professional culinary background? Maybe taking simple ideas like barbecue, or tacos, and giving them new touches to old recipes will thrill the crowd.

After you determine what you will sell, you must take the time to perfect your recipes and techniques. Ask friends and family to help you do a taste test. If you have sufficient initial investment capital, find a marketing company to run the test for you. Find out what people like, and don’t like, and adjust your menu to the results you receive. One of the worst things vendors can do is to start prematurely, and sell bad food to their customers. Word of mouth as advertising works both ways. Of course that can be positive, but if you serve food that tastes bad, it’s almost impossible to change that perception without having to change the image of your entire company.

Location, Location, Location

Well, you got it, you know what you can and will be able to sell from your truck. Now what? Well, you have a product in mind, but who and where will you sell it? Look at what types of demographics your food will be interested in. Are you selling something that makes the bar hopper late at night interested, or do you need to find a location where customers will be more interested in gourmet food, rather than fries and hot dogs? Travel around your area. Find a local hangout; find where most city traffic goes. If your competitor will be a brick and mortar restaurant, where are they located?

Now that you have gathered this information, you need to find out where you will park your rig. Many cities throughout the country have strict guidelines about where food vendors can park. Take the time to talk with zoning officials and park in the area you want to sell. Find out how long you can stay in one place, find out how many hours you can park with or without feeding meters. Other food trucks use, park in the open. Contact the owner of the parking lot, and get their permission to park there, and make sure the permission is written. You may need to give them the time and day of the week you plan to use their lot. Instead of refusing their request and risking losing the opportunity to partner on their site, write a proposal with the necessary information that both parties can agree. In most cases, a fixed fee or a percentage of your sales may be a prerequisite for making an agreement; however, having a regular site for sales can be a good start to getting your business noticed.

Using Your Competition

In most high traffic food truck communities it will be very difficult to start a business that will be unique. After you determine the type of tariff that you will serve for your customers, you must find out who your direct settlement is. Look for streets, the internet, and more importantly, use Twitter to track them. Find out when they operate and consist of what their menu is. Be sure to find them and visit their site. In addition to trying to find out what their customers are buying, the more important aspects of your clandestine efforts must be to feel their products. If possible, returning on several occasions, this approach will give you a better understanding of how they operate and how you can manipulate your menu, your prices and your location.

If this article is useful, let us know. Next in our series will be published soon, so keep coming back to check.

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