Truck Tire Rack, Tricking Your Truck Out with Nerf Bars or Step Bars

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Truck Tire Rack – There are a number of ways to add a strong look and order to your truck. Rack headaches are a good way to do that, while adding protection to your truck. Brush protectors and grid protectors can do that while offering increased road protection. However, one very popular option is to install a nerf blade. You may be more familiar with them as a step bar. Regardless of what you call them, they are the same; metal rods with foot pads mounted just behind the front tire and running under the truck door. Why install this?

First, they make it easier to get into high trucks, for many people. Second, they provide protection to the bottom of the door and the front panel (panel rockers) of high stones and other debris. Third, the appearance they provide is fantastic, whether you have a truck that is actually used off the road, or just a daily driver in the city.

Truck Tire Rack

How do you decide which is right for your needs? There are a number of brands available, although many seem similar at first glance. There are two main styles that you can choose when looking at the nerf bar / step bar.

Short Nerf Bar: This nerf bar stops right behind the cabin door. They start behind the front wheel and extend to the back far enough so that it can be used to get in and out of the cabin. Usually, this is chrome steel, with rubber insets for footwear. Usually, most brands have single or a pair of long footwear, which are located side by side along the blade.

Long Nerf Bars: This is a popular option among those who need to get into their truck beds often. Put it in front, right behind the front wheel and end right in front of the rear wheel. There are usually two long footpads or two short pairs with this option. This style gave help into the cabin, but also entered the truck bed.

There are a number of looks that can be achieved with nerf bars too. The straight nerf bar provides a rugged appearance, but the bar that is wide, or curved, offers dramatic differences. Besides chrome, you can also find powder coated with black steel and stainless steel. Nerf coated bars / step steps usually don’t have a warranty like a chrome bar, but they can be painted more easily when they are scratched. Nerf stainless steel bars offer a unique look that is not often seen on the road. The style you choose will ultimately be determined by the overall look you want for your truck.

The next thing you need to consider is the bar price, as well as the installation procedure. Although these bars are usually only shot to the bottom of the truck without the need for drilling, some applications (not brand specific) may require drilling.

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