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Big Rc Trucks For Sale – One factor that currently limits buyers to using full-size trucks is fuel economy. However, the new design, features, and power that are incorporated into the current model make it difficult for many buyers to reject it regardless of the cost and fuel consumption. Many manufacturers are also interested in saving fuel on their products, and this is very helpful in providing assistance to buyers. This article will look at the best trucks available for sale in 2011 so that you can find out where the best way to invest your money.

Big truck options

As the name suggests, these trucks come with everything big, including engines, crane capacity, torque, just to name a few. There are many high-quality choices on the market, with differences in details. Many of the selling features of the current track are the Dodge Ram 1500 and you might be wondering why. Well, don’t ask questions anymore because this is the reason. The design of leaf springs is a part of the past in this truck, and instead is a coil spring that is intended to offer better fluency on the go.

Big Rc Trucks For Sale

Heading into better detail, the V8 Hemi of the Dodge Ram 1500 has torque of 407 pounds-foot and horsepower 390. The towing capacity reaches 10,250 pounds. All of this is in addition to the large storage capacity of the cabin and beautiful interior design.

Ford F-Series rallies near behind Ram as an alternative to favorite big trucks. Ford Sync is one of the very unique features for these trucks. The V8 model for 2011 has been used to counter the criticism made against the previous year’s model, the F-150 due to a lack of strength. One can also opt for a quiet, efficient V6 on fuel, or a twin-turbo V6 that combines power and fuel efficiency.

Last but not the least of the big trucks is the Toyota Tundra. It has a 10,800 pound towing capacity with a single and standard axle ratio. Turbo is easier to drive when not loaded.

Short Truck Options

Under this category, the Japanese model is in power with the brands of Toyota and Nissan. The Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, and Dodge Dakota of America are no longer the faces of compact trucks for sale, and many ignore them due to the fact that they are quite old.

The Nissan border is a favorite among many buyers. Models range from Frontier four cylinders to V6 models, with the latter providing the best choice because of their horsepower and sufficient torque. The crane capacity is 3 tons.

Toyota’s only strong representative is the Toyota Tacoma. Variations include four to six cylinder engines. Tacoma comes in three body styles to choose from.

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