Fire Truck Rocket, The Quickest Trucks On The Planet At The Moment

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Fire Truck Rocket – The race for speed has always been the driving force behind the development of technology in all vehicles. Whether it’s an airplane or a car, all the science that makes it move faster than competitors always ends up being integrated into mass-produced vehicles to make it faster or reduce its fuel consumption.

Carbon fiber, which was once created to make racing cars run faster, is now part of many mass-produced cars. Sophisticated aerodynamics were first used to make the aircraft brake record then used on military and civilian aircraft with great success. You might think a big truck is not so agile that it will come out of a race like that but you are completely wrong in this matter.

Fire Truck Rocket

The fastest truck in the world, at least at this time, (this record is broken several times per year!) Is Bandag Bullet. This eight-ton monster reaches speeds of more than 300 km per hour and managed to advance at this speed for more than 18 seconds. Such speed is beyond the reach of most sports cars, so you might want to change your opinion about complicated and slow trucks. Of course, the ‘bullet’ is a highly modified truck, under the hood has a 24l / 1100hp V8 engine, equipped with a nitrate injection system, but the incredible speed is still impressive.

Of course with so many different types of trucks, strange notes have been made, which might surprise you more. One such note is for the fastest fire truck. It does not qualify for a truck speed notebook, because it is not equipped with a “standard” truck engine but with two Rolls Royce Viper jet engines, with a combined trust of more than 12,000 hp. Such raw power allows the “Hawaiian Eagle” fire truck to truly reach the maximum speed that the aircraft can also be proud of ~ 655kph. This fire truck must of course be fast but “Hawaiian Hawk” is certainly not suitable to drive in our narrow cities, rockets coming out from behind are more likely to cause fires than this truck to put it out.

Of course such achievements seem useless, except as an action, but believe or not there is an ‘idea’ to integrate jet engines in mass-produced trucks for the civilian market. It will not be of the type used in the “Hawaiian Eagle”, because the engine’s fuel consumption per horsepower is very large. Plans for a gas turbine engine might be used, which would give them higher speeds and much higher loading capacity. Such a machine has been used in military trucks, perhaps thanks to a record breaking truck, now it may rule the long road of shipping countries such as Australia and the United States.

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