C10 Chevy Truck For Sale, Week to Wicked 1972 Chevy C10 Nats. Giveaway Truck Body & Paint etc.

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C10 CHEVY TRUCK FOR SALE – Image via dynamicmotorsports.com

C10 Chevy Truck For Sale – This is called the LMC C-10 Nationals Classic Trucks Week To Wicked truck, presented by Gandrud Chevrolet, and the idea behind build Week to Wicked is to start with an example of a very good stock bone truck, and then turn it into the best muscle truck. But even before the clock began to beat, there was a lot of preparatory work going into the car or pickup that was resuscitated in the form of Week to Wicked build.

In the case of the 1972 Chevy C10 Fleetside shortets that are currently being built during the weeks 8-12 October, 2018 the ultimate goal is to be a free truck for the C10 2019 LMC Nationals Truck held 3-4 May 2019. The 1972 C10 Chevy LMC is on the project site it looks pretty good as a starting point, but the idea is to make it as good as the stocker, and then let the Week to Wicked crew do their magic.

C10 Chevy Truck For Sale

From Lenexa, LMC Truck, Kansas headquarters, Chevy C10 1972 was taken to James Miller at Sparkburn Hot Rods in Paola, Kansas and dismantled to an empty frame. That’s right the LMC C-10 Nationals Giveaway truck was fully restored from the ground up before being sent to Southern California to be equipped by several well-known aftermarket names including American Autowire, American Racing, CPP, Covercraft, Dakota Digital, Eddie Motorsports, Energy Suspension, Falken Tires , Hedman Hedders, Holley / MSD, LMC Trucks, Old Air, United Pacific, US Radiators.

Sparkburn Hot Rods entrusts powdercoating C10 frames that are naked along with a number of metal sheets to MTZ Powdercoating in Manhattan, Kansas. James said not only did MTZ do a truly sympathetic work at the tight deadline to bring the truck back to Lenexa, but the turnaround time was fast. While the skeleton was naked away, James plunged into repairing the extensive rust damage found in the cabin.

Another time and someone would be upset to find a large amount of rust damage, but because his client was LMC Truck, the opportunity arose to show what could be done with the body repair panel. James braced the cab by welding in the braces, so the taxi wouldn’t spring, and then cut the rusty and welded floor on the new floor and the corners of the cabin. While taxis were repaired all the Chevy C10 body parts in 1972 were replaced. Directly from the LMC Truck C10 catalog page James ordered doors, hoods, new fenders, and all that was needed to build new beds including the tailgate. James painted the ’72 Chevy C10 using PPG products from the beginning to the end. The black graph is buried under the clear, and almost undetectable with the touch of a hand.

Without reading the list of parts, it will be difficult to imagine how many parts are sourced from LMC Truck, so we have entered the list.

Bench Chair with a lid
All dash components except radio and gauges
Dash Pad
Door panel
Doorway plate
Door handles inside
Dome Light W / Clear Lens
Cargo Lights & Switches
Carpet is formed

Metal Sheet Cab
Front Fender and Inner Wheel Well
Cabin Floor Assembly
Rocker Panel
Cabin Mount
Rubber Cabin

Front Bed End Panel
Truck tub

Chrome Premium Bumper and Front Bracket
LMC Premium Premium Premium Bumper Exclusive with Dual Exhaust Cutouts

Glass Door Assembly Both Sides
Vent Window Assemblies
Windshields, Rear Windows & Rubber
Chrome Mirror Kit
Wiper Washing Pump and Windshield

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