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Snow Plow Pickup Trucks For Sale – The adventure of my car during Thanksgiving week turned out to be a super contrast study. Come to think of it, it’s not just contrast, but the adventure itself turns out to be super-sized. How else can I characterize driving a small, fast, high-performance sports car through a snowstorm that falls two days before Thanksgiving?

The car is a new 2018 Ford Mustang GT converter. Open speedster has many benefits, but driving winter weather is not one of them. Of course, sensitive people know that. At Portsmouth Ford, a regional Ford dealer in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, sales manager Chris Sawyer surprised me by explaining that his company continued to sell Mustang converters at a respectable pace even during the winter.

Snow Plow Pickup Trucks For Sale

“At its peak, summer there is a higher demand for them. But in the winter, manufacturers give more factory rebates, and dealers are willing to give them greater discounts, “Sawyer said. So, even in snowy Portsmouth, Mustang fans looking to save cash buy convertible in the winter.

However, as sensitive people, these buyers don’t expect to push their new models until maybe around May.

“We may get customers who will send snow birds to the south, but for the most part they are cleared through the winter,” Sawyer said.

I don’t have that option. My drop-top pony car is an evaluation model sent for me to drive for only one week – even though it was the end of November. It is safe to say that I was the only person in all of New England who pushed a high-powered red Mustang convertible through the early winter blizzard that we experienced on November 20. At least I have the feeling to keep the top up.

Only one day before I was introduced to a vehicle specifically adapted to our winter weather. On November 19 the Ram truck division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles hosted the world premiere for the 2019 North Edition Edition of the Ram 1500 pickup. I was among the members of the New England Motor Press Association who attended Ram’s announcement about new models.

When the storm came, the storm was not too extreme: strong winds and about six inches of wet snow. But the car was too unsuitable even for mini snowstorms. The new Fordina Ford 2018 is not only convertible. But as the Mustang GT Premium version with a V8 engine, it is on the high end Mustang scale, with the most powerful engine and many complicated features.

The large V8 produces 460 horsepower – about 400 more horsepower than I need in a storm. Inside is a red leather seat. The Mustang comes with adaptive cruise control, reversing sensing and backup cameras, voice-activated touch screen navigation, polished 19-inch aluminum wheels, and 12-speaker Shaker audio settings. “Active valve fatigue” creates a fierce roar, followed by loud, deep and thunderous growls, every time the car starts.

With everything added together, the price of the convertible list reached $ 53,755.

Oh, and everything loaded into the car also includes a drive mode that can be selected, with one setting that optimizes the Mustang for racing. Everything includes racing tires too. A wide, aggressive footprint carries a W rating, giving them a speed of 168 miles per hour.

Snow tires may be more useful than all the magic equipment and fast cars that the car contains.

At the height of the storm, I delivered a turkey to a house on a non-paved road. The road had been hijacked a few hours before, but by the time I arrived, at least two inches of new snow had accumulated.

I entered a bumpy and unpaved road with plow banks on its sides and a respectable layer of wet and slippery snow between them – on a tire that could handle 168 miles per hour on a racing track.

Driving very carefully, I managed to reach a small, steep slope in front of the house where I would leave the turkey. The Mustang lost its full appeal. The wheels are spinning hopelessly. I was less than a hundred feet from the entrance to my destination when the car returned to near the top of the slope and was trapped in the plow bank inside the road.

I borrowed Subaru’s All-wheel-drive to go home. My wife returned with me the next morning and helped push the Mustang free.

Of course, the Ford Mustang GT Premium 2018 convertible was never intended for the weather we experienced two days before Thanksgiving.

Even buy-conscious fans who buy cars this season are reasonable enough to make a garage, as Chris Sawyer of Portsmouth Ford said.

He also noted that dealers sell a lot of pickup at this time.

“This is the season of trucks, with all the snow plowing coming,” Sawyer said.

Jeffrey Zygmont is the author of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and an old automotive writer. Contact him at

2018 Ford Mustang Convertible

Vehicle type: 2-door, 4-passenger, convertible rear-wheel drive sports car

Price range: $ 32,520 to $ 45,755 (plus options)

Warranty: Basic warranty of 3 years / 30,000 miles, 5 year powertrain warranty / 60,000 miles, 5 year corrosion guarantee / no limit, 5 years / 60,000 km roadside assistance

Base engine: 2.3-liter turbocharged I-4

Power: 310 horsepower at 5,500 rpm; 350 lb.-ft. torque at 3,000 rpm

Basic transmission: 6-speed manual

Fuel economy: 20 mpg city; 28 mpg highway

Wheelbase: 107 inches

Length: 188 inches

Width: 75 inches

Height: 55 inches

Weight: 3.676 pounds

Fuel capacity: 15.5 gallons

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