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2001 FORD EXPLORER TRUCK – Image via i.ytimg.com

2001 Ford Explorer Truck – “The truck was never meant to be this big,” Ted Shinn shouted from the cab as he turned the key, turning on his diesel-powered Trac Sport. Then, once the dust had subsided, Ted told us that the rig was built to be “a pleasant family wheel for light local lanes.” Somehow, we don’t feel right using “light” to describe Ted trucks.

Backing down on this “light” building for about seven years, heavy equipment technology from Eureka, California, began with ’84 F-250. The truck was lifted 6 inches, locked front and rear, and the Dana 60 transplanted frontend had a bad habit of removing damaged ax coughs. Ted faced a common decision for many 4×4 owners – continuing to replace damaged, or updated parts.

2001 Ford Explorer Truck

“I decided to get Rockwells,” he told us, and his thoughts had just left the locomotive ward. “If I would enter Rockwells, I might connect four times. If I connect it four times, I might build my own framework, and if I do all that, I have to throw an ordinary taxi and get something that I can put into the whole family. “While looking for parts in junkyard, Ted happened in the ’01 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, and the project came alive.

Only a few powertrains from the old Ford Ted passed to this building. 6.9L International V-8 sends its diesel power through C6 automatic transmission and goes to NP203 / 205 Offroad Design Doubler, giving the final rig reduction ratio of 3.92: 1 before the power flows to the axle, which maintains stock of 6.72: 1 gear.

Ted told us that he started this building by considering the Four Wheeler Top Truck Challenge, so he chose the fat Rockwell axle. After a little barter, he could save two deuce-and-half separate from the forest, harvest their steering axles, and sell what was left of the truck to fund the next step of the project – wheels and tires. Ted may be the third owner of Interco Super Swamper TSL 54-inch Boggers, but they have never been used until they ride the truck. Military-style beadlock wheels hold on to rubber, even when aired up to one digit air pressure. To ensure that the axles are ready to be misused, Ted looks for Ouverson Engineering & Machine for the 16-spline chromoly shaft and automatic lockers for the rear axle. ARB Air Locker keeps the front tire in unison, even if there is damage to the traction.

Ted can precisely control both steering shafts with dual 2.5-ton PSC Motorsports Rockwell 3-inch Double End Steering Kit. The front axle can be directed through the steering wheel, while the joystick-mounted controls direct the rear axle and allow it to return to the center with a simple trigger pull. Because it was difficult to find scouts to work under the truck, Ted had a pair of cameras that delivered video feeds to his dashboard monitor. He can switch freely between the direct view of the axle and the obstacles around it.

The truck frame is not from the F-250 or Explorer Sport Trac. Instead, Ted built it from a 5×2 inch, 3/16 inch rectangular pipe, only starting a list of special spare parts scheduled for his truck. Ted built a triangular-single four-link system for the four-triangle front and four-link for the rear, suspending giant axles from the frame with links over the 2-inch, 0.250 DOM-walls and 2.25-inches, 0.375 lower DOM link wall inches around. Ballistic Joints Fabrication Ultra 3-inch Forged Tasks and link brackets link to the frame, while the Fox Factory Series 2.5-inch long range coilover, PAC Racing Springs coils, and Fox Factory Series 2-inch bumpstop help rigs to devour bumps and bend the obstacles.

Staying true to the original goal of taking his family to the trail, Ted put the body of Sport Trac into his creation and strengthened it with an internal rollcage, which was bolted to the frame. The truck bed is fitting to keep Boggers from touching the body, and now houses the radiator and signature diesel truck – heap exhaust.

PSC Motorsports The 3-inch Dual-End Steering Kit on the front and rear axles of this truck helps fourth-man 54-inch maneuvers pass and around obstacles easily.

General for the seventh generation F-250, not for Explorer Sport Tracs – International diesel 6.9L V-8. Ted chose more torque and horsepower with the Banks Power Sidewinder Turbo combination and his own custom intake and exhaust. The next line is a fixed-yoke C6 automatic transmission with Broader Performance torque converter and full manual valve.
003 Ted Shinn 2001 Ford Explorer Cases Photos 167899608
To increase the low range reduction, Ted divorced the NP203 transfer case and connected it to NP205, with the help of the Doubler from Offroad Design. To help with the effort under the truck, Ted installed the front and rear cameras to the bottom. Video feeds appear on the dashboard monitor.

The 2.5 ton front Rockwell axle was dragged from the forest and saved for this project. Ted has a 6.72: 1 gear inside the axle, but it adds traction with ARB Air Locker and extra strength with Ouverson Engineering & the 16-spline chromoly ax machine. Instead of the pinion brakes, the Ford F-550 brake calipers and B-700 bus rotors work with the Super Duty ’88 brake booster and master cylinder to tame 54-inch Boggers’ speed.

Another rescue from the forest, the 2.5-ton rear Rockwell steering shaft was treated to a set of Ouverson Engineering & Machine 16-spline chromoly axes, Ouverson 16-spline lockers, and several specialized fabrication works to hold the PSC Motorsports ram. in place and protect axle boots from rock attacks.

The 2.5-inch Fox Factory, Fox 2-inch bumpstop, PAC Racing Springs coil, and Sway-A-Way swing bar with 35-spline collar make the four-link truck suspension enough to stretch easily on large rocks (or small car).

Medley custom work on the Ted rig starts with a frame, which he made from 5×2 inch, 3/16 inch wall rectangular tubing. The Trac Sport body receives a layer of Estate Green Metallic paint, and a pickup bed is just right to make room for the flexing tire. If a stone makes it that high, the swing panels are guarded with special sliders made in the frame.

This bed holds 30 gallons of diesel in Ted’s fuel cell, a rear mounted radiator with a double fan and special casing, Winn Warn M10000, and a high exhaust stack.
009 Ted Shinn 2001 Photos of the Ford Explorer 167899626 Interior
The interior of Sport Trac has space for his family, and this is a lesson in functionality. The dashboard is made by hand from a diamond plate and holds all the rocker switches needed to order the truck. Shifter Winters Sidewinder was topped with the SureGrip handle Ted transferred to operate the rear axle. The monitor for the dual undercarriage camera is on the dashboard.


Vehicles: 01 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
Owner: Ted Shinn
Reasons to step on: Eureka, California
Construction time: 6.5 years

Engine: 6.9L International diesel V-8
Transmission: Ford C6 is rebuilt automatically with a Broader Performance Recondition kit, torque converter, and reversing full manual valve; Winters Sidewinder Gated Shifter Automatic Transmission
Cashing transfer: NP203 / 205 Offroad Doubler Design, divorced
Low range ratio: 1.96: 1, 2.0: 1, 3.92: 1
Crawl rate: 32.40: 1, 33.06: 1, 64.80: 1
Front / differential axle: Rockwell 2.5-ton, Ouverson Engineering & Machine 16-spline chromoly axleshafts, Ford B700 school bus brake rotors, Ford F-550 / 6.72: 1 gear, ARB Air Locker
Rear axle / differential: Rockwell 2.5-ton, Ouverson Engineering & Machine 16-spline chromoly axleshafts, Ford B700 school bus brake rotors, Ford F-550 / 6.72 calipers: 1 gear, Ouverson Engineering & Machine 16-Spline lockers

Front: Custom four-link triangulation, Fox Factory Series 2.5-in remote reservoir coilover, PAC Racing Springs rolls, Fox Factory Series 2-inch bumpstops
Rear: Four-lane dual-connection, Fox Factory Series 2.5-in remote reservoir coilover, PAC Racing Springs reel, Fox Factory Series 2-in bumpstops

Tires / wheels
Tires: 54×19.5-20LT Interco Super Swamper TSL Bogger
Wheels: 20×11 beadlock double military style

Steering: PSC Motorsports Front and rear 3-in Double End Steering Kit with Hi Flow P Pump, High Steer Arms PSC Motorsports, Charlyn Eaton Orbital Steering Valve PSC Motorsports, custom dual power steering pump holder, and joystick SureGrip joystick
Lighting: 10-watt single rock LED light for each tire, LED cube lights in front and rear
Armor: Factory-made rock slides

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