Mobile Coffee Truck For Sale, Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Strategies for Truck Washes

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Mobile Coffee Truck For Sale – Not long ago, I was asked if there was a big difference in marketing and advertising when it came to truck washing facilities and mobile truck washing companies. It turns out that there is a big difference, not only where advertising is the most successful, but also how someone will approach sales, promotions, and marketing. In fact, there are so many differences that the truck cleaning industry is almost like day and night. Okay so let’s talk.

First in what ways will marketing be somewhat similar? Yes, fixed sites are all about customer needs and fuel economy, time, energy – they don’t like to wait. By washing your fleet you clean the parked vehicle and they have waited all night or noon depending on the line for you to clean (hopefully). In addition, there are trains, buildings, trucks, etc. When it comes to developing salespeople to get out and register customers, I would say that this type of marketing is only slightly different between the two models, you still need a sales team to go out to contact the company directly.

Mobile Coffee Truck For Sale

When it comes to marketing truck washing in certain locations, it makes sense to place flyers and leaflets on all trucks that stop within a 500-mile radius on the main highway that passes through the washing place. This must be left in the truck stop waiting room. It also makes sense to have a billboard for at least 10 minutes, or about 10 miles before the sloping road to the washing place. Direct mail to independent truck owners, fleets of construction companies, city fleets, bus companies, and large trucking companies that are often also wanted routes.

Washing at the truck’s fixed location must also provide free coffee, T-shirts to the driver, and even sell mud flaps (discounts) with the company name and their logo, which states the city where they wash. Today, with all cellular technology, it’s best to send GPS location alerts, and make sure your washing is identified in all the most popular mapping applications and software.

When it comes to washing fleets using a mobile rig, it is important to notify fleet owners that you will not remove their stickers with your pressure washer, and that you use environmentally friendly reclamation equipment as required by law. Contacting this fleet owner by telephone and letter to arrange appointments must be preferred, because that is the most successful. Please consider all this and think about it.

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