Pizza Food Truck For Sale, Twenty Reasons Why Food Trucks Are Hot Right Now

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Pizza Food Truck For Sale – From Los Angeles to New York, street food appears everywhere. Projections show that by 2020 food trucks will become a multibillion-dollar industry. Since 2009 the food truck business has grown by 80%. Food trucks are here to stay and here are 20 reasons why this trend is so hot.

20. Change Perception

It’s been days when the mobile kitchen is called “Roach Coaches”. People understand that the street food business is maintained with the same (sometimes higher) safety and sanitation standards from any restaurant.

Pizza Food Truck For Sale

19. Value

Lunch carts provide cheap food for food lovers who have a limited budget. Traditionally, street food is cheaper than conventional dining options.

18. Social Media

Chuck train operators are the masters of digital communications and they use it to drive sales. Twitter, blogs, Pinterest entries and their Facebook pages continue to develop a marketing platform that is embraced by the community.

17. Lower Overhead

Mobile kitchens have lower operating costs than brick and mortar restaurants. With no rent to pay or buildings to support, food trucks can run lean and profitable operations cheaper than their traditional eating competitors.

16. Lower Startup Costs

To open a fixed location, restaurants need two to three times more capital than starting a food truck. Realistically a 75 thousand dollar entrepreneur can have a food truck business that operates.

15. Location, Location, Location

Chow cart mobility gives the owner the freedom to change his site every day, even every few hours if he chooses it. The pizza shop you visit cannot move their building to exhibitions, festivals and events.

14. Cooperation

The lunch carriage operator is a very close community that works together so that everyone can benefit from each other’s business. A food truck parked on the road may not be noticed by a hungry lunch crowd. Four food trucks in the corner create a scene.

13. Marketing

A big rig is a billboard. Every minute they are on the road they are advertising. Seeing a wild colored step van covered with a logo in the business district produces buzz and encourages sales.

12. Fast Food

Do you want your lunch hot and fast? A food truck provides fast time for visitors who are starving for dinner without having to wait long.

11. Healthy Choices

Many mobile kitchens serve fried sweets and hot dogs, but many serve vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free foods to meet healthy tastes. Some food trucks have so far only served health choices.

10. Choice

Consumers like choices. Some food trucks parked on the road give hungry people a specially designed menu where they can mix and match their food according to their tastes. You can get dim sum as an appetizer, walk to another truck and buy a burrito and if you are still hungry, look at the frozen yogurt cart.

9. Culture

Every ethnicity, cooking style, and regional food can be represented by a food truck. Consumers can eat Maine lobster on the west coast or California cuisine on the east coast. Visitors can explore Korean, Italian, French, Thai, Ethiopian, Greek, American or Japanese cuisines. If you are a food truck follower, the world is your oyster.

8. Taste of Fusion

Japanese tacos? Yes. German Gyros? Come on Mexican Pizza? Again, please. Creative chefs push fusion envelopes to create unique, interesting and delicious offerings to delight culinary lovers.

7. Game Fame

Tom Colicchio, Spike Mendelsohn, Jamie Oliver and Jose Andres have run food trucks. Some famous chefs use mobile kitchens to test concepts and recipes for their restaurants. Food trucks allow celebrity chefs to experiment with recipes without risk and reach a wider market. This trend will continue because people like celebrities.

6. Fun Factors

Street food is an inexpensive entertainment choice. Owners try to offer a pleasant dining experience to their customers on the road. Workers can escape from their booth and experience a carnival atmosphere like on their lunch break. Bright colored rigs are fun, food is fun and the people who take your order are fun.

5. American dreams

Culinary lovers of social conscience understand that street vendors provide jobs and communities in the cities where they operate. People are more willing to give their hard-earned money to local business owners than faceless companies. Street food sellers also increase sales in the retail area where they work. If your retail business lags behind, consider inviting a food truck to your business.

4. Fresh Air

When the weather is pleasant, there is nothing better than going out. A quick walk in the park to the lunch car was what the doctor ordered to lift the spirit of the eater in the concrete forest. Who wants the rest of the Chinese in your office to spend 50 hours a week?

3. Novelty

From menu options that develop to new units on site, food trucks present a new approach to eating out. Cellular cuisine provides an interesting niche for consumers who are tired of being haunted by messages from restaurants and fast food companies.

2. Fresh and Local

The mobile kitchen brings the concept of agriculture to the table to cities throughout the world. Chefs buy protein, dairy products and products from local sources and produce better food than some brick and mortar restaurants. Consumers can feel the difference between the micro vegetables that grow on the road compared to salads that are processed in factories that are hundreds of miles away.

1. Street Food It tastes good

Be it burgers or escargot, street chefs create extraordinary food. The variety, quality and delicacy of mobile cuisine is very surprising and adhered to by the world. From savory and luxurious dinners to arteries that clog fried desserts, street food tastes good and as a result, food trucks are ready to stay.


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