Harley Davidson Truck For Sale, Choosing a Truck Driving Job Part VIII – Talking With the Right People

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Harley Davidson Truck For Sale – In part one of our series, Choosing Truck Driving Jobs Part I: Factors Affecting All Companies, we talk about various factors and considerations that will affect your experience in the company where you work.

In section 2, “Choosing Truck Driving Jobs Part II: You and” Your People “Are the Most Important Factors”, we talk about surrounding yourself with the right people, understanding the factors that affect the delivery of goods that will You get, and other things you can do to put yourself in the best position to succeed.

Harley Davidson Truck For Sale

In section 3, “Choosing Truck Driving Jobs Part III: How Your Family and Lifestyle Will Affect Your Choice”, we consider your personality and lifestyle. Are you married? Do you have children? Do you like adventure? How long do you want to be away from home? All of these questions are included in the process of selecting the right truck driving job.

In section 4, “Choosing Truck Driving Jobs Part IV: Advantages of Large Transport Companies”, we of course talk about the benefits of working in a large freight company.

In section 5, “Choosing Truck Driving Jobs Part V: Comparing Large Transport Companies with Small Companies”, we compare jobs with companies of different sizes.

In section 6, “Choosing Truck Driving Jobs Part VI: Dry Van and Refrigeration Company”, we talked a little about life on the road with a dry van or refrigerated carrier.

In section 7, “Choosing Truck Driving Parts Part: Tanker and Flatbeds” we talked a little about life on the road with flatbed carriers or tankers.

Now, in the final installment of this series, we will talk about finding out some good information about the company you are interested in.

Getting the Right Information From the Right Person

There are three main groups of people you will talk to when you are considering working in a particular trucking company. They:

Company driver
Company mechanics
Company recruiters
Knowing each group’s agenda and point of view will help you ask the right questions, and interpret the quality of the responses you get.

Talk to the Company Driver

One of the best ways, in my opinion, to really know what life is like inside a company that you are considering applying for is to talk to some drivers and mechanics who work there. Very easy to do, very effective, it makes perfect sense that today’s company drivers will know the best, and you will be surprised by the honesty you will get!

Now, please note one thing, though … many times, companies will offer referral bonuses to employees who refer the driver to the company. Often this is quite significant … in the $ 500 area. So, when you start talking to a truck driver or mechanic, make it very clear that you are looking for honest opinions, not sales promotions. If you are looking for propaganda, you can talk to their recruitment department. If they seem rather persistent they want to give you the name and number of the truck so they can make money to recruit you, just thank them for their time and try to find someone else.

But most of the time you will get a very honest opinion. Truck drivers often tend to look for other truck drivers. We all live in the same kind of life and face the same difficulties, so the last thing we have to do is make it difficult for each other. I have been asked many times about my experience working in certain companies. I never gave a truck number or the name of my truck, and I never received a change. Often people really value my time and honesty so they ask me for info, know that I will be paid for reference, and I refuse politely. I told them that there was no way they could be sure I was honest with them if I knew I would be paid to promote my company. I have gotten a lot of good advice for free for years, so I just consider it good karma to return it.

Make sure you talk to at least five different drivers from certain trucking companies. One or two can be happy or unhappy with their company at any given time based on recent events. But if you can get a group of opinions that are fairly consistent from a number of different drivers, then you know that you might feel a good feeling about how the driver is treated at that company. Ask them whether they get the mileage they want to get, whether they go home roughly when they should, and whether the truck is properly cared for or not. Those are the three most important things the company must do well.

Talk to Company Mechanics

Also, talk to one or two mechanics if you can get a chance. And if the company is too far away to visit directly, don’t be afraid to call the store! Just tell anyone who answers the phone you are considering becoming a driver for the company and you want to find out what they think about their maintenance program. Ask them if the truck is well cared for and especially if their driver requests for small things like a new eraser bar, a wrong mirror heater, and a blown fuse that is handled immediately and without debate. If they don’t spend time and take care of the truck, you will not only lose a lot of money while the truck does not reliably sit in the garage at any time, but you will know that company management really does not need a lot of money. do not care about the comfort, safety and happiness of the driver.

A bad maintenance program is a big red flag. Stay away from that company. You will also be surprised at how often truck maintenance companies will be honest with you. Most mechanics are proud of what they do. They want to do something immediately because the safety and reliability of the equipment they work on is what determines their reputation. If they are not allowed to properly care for the equipment, they will most likely notify you. That’s how they maintain their reputation, and I don’t blame them. I was a mechanic for Harley Davidson at one point and I felt the same way.

Talk to Company Recruiters

The job of a recruiter at any trucking company is to get you on the doorstep, period. After you are hired in the company, their work is complete. Some of them will lie if they get paid … like a used car seller. Many of the drivers I spoke to have been promised new trucks, places in certain divisions, big miles, and lots of home time, only to find out that they have been lied to by recruiters. What can you do if this happens to you? There is no. Everyone will just shrug and say, “don’t know what to say”.

When talking to recruiters, there are several things that need to be considered. First of all, suspect a guarantee from a company. The goods transportation industry is basically cyclical and unpredictable. If they make an appointment such as “You’re going to go home every Friday at dinner hour,” or “everyone goes home for vacation,” or “You will get a minimum of 2,000 miles per week,” you will most likely be lied to. . There is no guarantee in this industry. Factors include weather, fleet size, economic fluctuations, vehicle damage, customer gain or loss, changes in computer software, changes in shipping structure, changes in management, and a large number of other variables all point to the number of miles and homes that cannot naturally predicted. time from week to week and year to year. You have to go with the flow and understand the dynamics of the industry.

There is one easy way to test the recruiter – have them write it down. For example, if they promise you a new truck, have them send a fax in writing to you with their name so you can bring it to you. If they will do that, then you might really get what they promised, but I also don’t guarantee that. Recruitment can be a dirty process at certain times, so beware of promises. Some of them will lie to you if they think they can get away with it.

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