Cheap Used Lifted Trucks For Sale, 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 Review: Is This a Real Off-Road Truck?

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Cheap Used Lifted Trucks For Sale – It’s past the days when we walked into a truck dealer to buy a base truck with a basic V8 engine, basic fabric-laden interior, bed base truck and truck bed, and, you can guess, a basic suspension system.

“Basic” was the 1990s. At present (aka a half-ton truck that can easily get $ 60bb or more), it seems like the basic model now comes with a full range of safety technologies, infotainment systems that are more than enough to do everything, and wheels that don’t come in a variety of steels.

Cheap Used Lifted Trucks For Sale

It’s not a bad thing. Actually it’s a good time to be a truck buyer because this vehicle is loaded with more technology, more interior features, more comfort, more powertrain options, and more optional packages than before.

For example, the all-new Sierra 2019 GMC is the most beautiful pickup GMC has ever used in a lot dealer. It’s not basic at all, and trucks have more features and facilities than before. AT4 is a perfect example of a new trim level that matches the market vacuum that GMC has never experienced – an off-roader looking for factory-appointed trucks with more features than your standard skid run-of-the-mill package plate.

The AT4 does have a slip plate that you will find on the off-road version of the Sierra, but also equipped with off-the-road features such as a 2-inch factory lift kit, Eaton G80 differential rear automatic locking, red tow hooks set to the front bumper matching colors, an optional 6.2L V8 engine paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, optional Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires for enhanced traction, MultiPro Tailgate’s exclusive multi-function traction in the industry, and an assortment of high-taste interior upgrades such as seats by color their specifics. Like other new GMC trucks, AT4 is also available with a range of interior technologies that see optional features such as a head-up display, high-definition surround vision camera, rear camera mirror, and more.

Adapting to the lineup as the second model of the top model, AT4 can be chosen with every feature that will come in Sierra Denali, but does not have real wood trim, premium leather seats, and other items you want. expect in Denali trucks. The GMC designers keep the AT4’s interior feeling like an easier, off-road setting that is decent.

When you get into the truck, you will first see full-coverage floor mats, which cover the entire floor so that mud, snow, rocks, and other debris remain on the carpet. After sitting on leather seats, we enjoy the fact that the driver and passenger seats are fully adjustable on AT4.

Both on-road and off-road conditions, the line of sight coming out of the driver’s seat must be good with enough mirror coverage on each side and plenty of window space to check blind spots. If the driver is never sure about a blind spot, a blind spot warning system is there to alert the driver if someone is on the next track. That’s not too annoying on our drive.

While interior and infotainment settings may be a little simpler when compared to luxury trucks on the market today, the exterior is sharp and boldly says GMC from all angles.

When you look at the back of the truck, you will see the MultiPro truck’s six positions that are now famous. You might ask, “Why do we need to completely reengineer like a traditional truck?” Yes, we need for good reason, and all those reasons are summarized with the MultiPro unit. It’s more user-friendly than a truck from any truck factory, mainly because it has six different modes. Not only can it be the best tailgate step on the market, but it can also provide a higher work space for people who work behind their backs. You can also have the truck body in the lowered position and fold only the top to function as a cargo hold when you have the back of the truck loaded.

Similar to other GMC truck models, which are now number 6 in total (Sierra, Sierra SLE, Sierra Elevation, Sierra SLT, Sierra AT4, and Sierra Denali, in order to increase), AT4 can be owned either in a double cabin or crew configuration cabin. The basic engine is 5.3L V8 which is mated to 6-speed auto. 6.2L is optional and standard with 10-speed auto. Coming next year, the 3.0L Duramax diesel will be an option on the AT4 and the engine will also come standard with a 10-speed automatic. From our experience, this 10-speed automatic transmission is one, if not the best, transmission in the market for overall performance. It glides and pulls well and never hunts for gears, even with 10 of them pressed.

Those of us who are looking for a little extra power from the two V8 engine options want an optional Performance Package available that adds exhaust and intake. On the 6.2L engine, the package adds 15 more horsepower and 9 lb-ft more torque, bringing the total to 435 hp and 469 lb-ft of torque.

We also found that the transmission and transfer case transfers at 4Low were quite low for the terrain we tested. At Eaton’s extensive verification site, AT4 is able to crawl up the rock climbing without hesitation at a speed of 1-2 mph at the level of 30%. The Z71-sourced skid plate package provides adequate protection for medium-sized stones (1-2 feet at the biggest point) that we will also pass. With only a 2-inch elevator in this truck, sometimes the truck comes out of this field, but this is not intended for heavy duty rock climbing, so this is to be expected.

The same applies to sand and loose, loose parts of the test soil. This section allows the truck to sink about one foot to the ground to test overall traction and tire side bites. With 4Low activated and the truck in manual transfer mode (gear replacement completed by the driver via the up / down switch on the gear shifters), the truck stays on track and powered past muck.

The throttle response is smooth and steady, allowing the driver to precisely control how much power is pushed to the wheel. This is where manual mode becomes very practical and must-have – leaving the truck automatically allows it to move around looking for gears, not ideal in this loose and sandy situation. Optional Duratrac tires can get enough traction to easily clean this area. Although we won’t say this is the best meat we’ve tested on this field, they work well enough to save you from disposing of tire stock immediately if you buy this truck. They will be good enough to use and if you are really serious about your soft roading expedition, then some of the larger terrain must be on your list for future purchases.

This soft part also allows us to test Rancho shocks at a higher speed. Although it’s not the most absorbent setting on a specially constructed off-road truck, Ranchos does an amazing job. They can be predicted and keep all wheels firmly planted on the ground, which in turn increases trust in the driver. Overall, GMC nailed this arrangement by making this truck have enough off-road suspension capabilities without making it resistant to living as a daily driver.

Other parts of the test line allowed us to find out what was being offered by the revised initial hill assistance system. Instead of just holding the truck for a few seconds like the last iteration, the new system will hold the truck indefinitely on steep inclines (in our case a 30% climb). After you apply throttle, the brakes are reduced so that the acceleration is smooth and effortless. If I’m really honest, I always think this system is overvalued because the driver can make a smoother, 2-foot stop-running transition than electronics in other vehicles. Yes, I finally found my partner and found a system that was consistently more subtle than human touch. It’s not excessive, it’s really good. And, the best part is that the system moves without groping the menu – only has trucks on the 4-mile incline and the rest.

Some very useful interior features on our road and off-road drives are Heads Up Display (HUD) and surround view camera systems. Both of these features are included in the technology package. The HUD system, which projects information low and out of your direct line of sight at the bottom of the windshield, allows you to scroll through the menu to change the appearance of the truck. In the off-road section, the HUD is more fun than useful because it displays tilt and roll angles.

Another feature that is more off-road than on-road is a surround view camera system. For anyone who plans to do some serious footsteps running with this truck, this system must be owned because it has a camera on the front, side and rear of the truck, which creates a virtual vehicle environment. We tested it at a 30% inclination and found the front camera very helpful by getting a bird’s eye view of what’s behind the hood when we couldn’t see what’s in front of us at the top. The GMC engine hood isn’t too long and actually has a good line of sight, but no truck can get out of the front because the hood is long. The front camera handles this problem.

Verdict: 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 Reviews
For off-road fans of all of us, the factory lifts the GMC Sierra AT4 and the choice of V8 engine offers excellent fuel economy and is easy to use on the powertrain system.

Spinning back to our original thinking here, this fully-selected Sierra AT4 truck sticker only costs more than $ 65,000. Although it’s not outside the norm for today’s trucks, I can’t imagine paying this much money for a half-ton truck with a 2-inch suspension lift, some carefully thought out accessories, and a large V8 engine. Call me old school, but it looks like it’s too expensive for me. But, once again, people drop $ 75b on the truck all the time, so I guess I’m just a little touched.

The AT4 base with 5.3L and fewer creature comforts can sell for $ 50,800, which is more manageable. Aside from price and my reckless personal nature, Sierra AT4 buyers will be impressed by their on-road and off-road attitude. It has enough off-road capability to call it a truck that is truly capable directly from the factory, and is quite smooth for grandmothers and grandparents to drive to and from their favorite date night hangout in the city center. If you look past some shortcomings, you will see that 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 is the true winner of a truck.

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