Snowblower For Pickup Truck, Heavy Snow Blankets Parts Of Northern, Western Minnesota During Winter Storm

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Snowblower For Pickup Truck – As expected, winter has returned to the Upper Midwest with a big storm at the end of the year. People have worked and played in Alexandria, where most are happy to see this much snow. “It’s beautiful outside. You can’t ask for a better blizzard until it starts blowing,” Jerry Dahlheimer said. “Then I’m not looking forward to it.”

Jim Salhi left the city just to take advantage of fresh powder. “I’m going to Florida tomorrow and I have to get up here before going there,” Sahli said. “People say you get all this snow here so I come to go snowmobiling for one day, then I’ll come back.”

Snowblower For Pickup Truck

People also come out to clear the driveway and dig their cars with the tools they have.

“It’s as tall as the window on the side and in front. I think it’s a little with snow and some snow plows that have passed,” said Mike Empting. “I hope we can get the attraction and get it out of here.”

The city is working to clean the city center with six trucks carrying hundreds of snow from the streets.

“Just turned on the snow blower and pushed it together and blew the snow into the truck and when it was full I gave them a little light in front there and then they went and threw away,” said Curt Nelson.

But there is still pleasure to be had when it’s fresh and soft. The family said that they would leave while they could.

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