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Pickup Truck Rental San Antonio – When you refuse coverage at a car rental agency for the protection offered by your credit card, you might face a daunting question from the salesperson: “Are you sure?” You know your credit card policy doesn’t cover everything. But at the same time, you don’t want to pay more than $ 10 per day at the last second for coverage that you might not need. So, instead of making a split second decision at the counter, review your previous options. This is what your credit card protection might not protect.

The loss or damage that has been borne by your own car insurance
Before leaning on your credit card to protect your rental car, find out if it offers primary or secondary protection. To do this, ask your publisher.

Pickup Truck Rental San Antonio

“Credit card coverage is usually not the main insurance,” said Neil Abrams, president of Abrams Consulting Group, a global research and consulting company specializing in land transportation and car rental. “This is secondary insurance, which means insurance [automatically] you yourself stand in front of your credit card insurance.”

Even so, this coverage can be valuable. If your card offers secondary protection through the neglect of damage caused by a car rental collision, or CDW, it can collect bills for certain costs that are not covered, such as your car insurance can be deducted. And if you don’t have car insurance, or drive in a country where your car insurance does not protect you, your card policy may be the main one. For many people, the reason is enough to skip the expensive coverage sold at the counter.

Even if you want more protection, buy primary protection separately at a rental car agent or through a third party company – like Allianz Travel or Bonzah – not your only choice. You can also use a credit card equipped with primary protection. Chase, for example, offers major protection on many credit cards. With American Express cards, you can usually pay extra for main coverage which is much cheaper than the policy that you can buy at a rental car agent. Conditions apply.

Certain vehicles, including RVs and luxury cars
Destroying a Ferrari can prove to be far more expensive than damaging the Nissan Altima, and your credit card rental CDW takes that into account. In general, luxury vehicles and other high-value cars are excluded from your card coverage. In some cases, you might have to give more documents to the car rental agency when renting a car like this too.

“For special vehicles, luxury vehicles and high-value vehicles, many car rental companies may require that you provide your own insurance,” Abrams said.

Likewise, your credit card may not protect you when you rent recreational vehicles, motorbikes, trucks and trailers. In that case, find out whether your personal car insurance policy or homeowner’s insurance protects you. If not, buying separate coverage – say, through a rental car agent or a third party company – can be a smart call.

Rent a car in a certain country
Even though you can usually rely on your automatic CDW rental cards outside the United States, some countries are not included in this policy. Consider:

Visa: Coverage does not include “theft or damage from rental transactions originating from Israel, Jamaica, Republic of Ireland, or Northern Ireland,” according to the provisions. It is also not available where it is prohibited by law or violates the provisions of the area from an automatic rental agreement or is prohibited by individual traders.
Mastercard: Coverage does not include “vehicles rented in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Israel, Jamaica,” in accordance with the provisions. It also does not apply in countries where it is prohibited by state law or its provisions are contrary to the laws of that country.
American Express: Coverage does not include “rental vehicles leased in Australia, Italy, New Zealand and any country on the list of sanctioned countries [Foreign Asset Control Offices],” according to the requirements.
If you rent a car outside the coverage area of ​​your card, enter it into your budget. You may have to buy protection separately through a rental car agent or a third party company.

Long-term rental
The coverage of car credit card rentals is designed for short-term rentals, generally shorter than a month. You will usually not see such restrictions when you pay coverage separately with a daily rate at the rental counter or through a third party company.

Requirements vary. But in general, CDW automatic Mastercard rentals usually do not apply to rental periods that “exceed or are intended to exceed 15 consecutive days.” Visa policies are usually accompanied by the same restrictions, although they cover a longer lease when you travel outside of the United States. AmEx usually includes leases that last for 30 consecutive days or fewer, even though you can pay for long-term coverage. Conditions apply.

Driving carelessly
The protection of credit card rental cars does not cover everything. But other policies that you might buy – say, in a rental car agent or through a third party – also come with a warning. Whatever policy you decide to take, loss or damage may not be borne if you:

Driving on certain surfaces. Driving on a road that is not paved or off the road carries greater risk and can be excluded from the range.
Being negligent. If you leave the car unattended and run, for example, you can be on the hook if the car is stolen.
Driving while drunk. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs when you destroy, you will be responsible for any damage.
Take care of the rental car with extra care, regardless of whether you get protection through your credit card or elsewhere. That way, when you need coverage, it will be there for you.

This article was written by NerdWallet and was originally published by Forbes.

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