Large Fire Truck Toy, Wild Fire Monster Truck Toys – Should Parents Get Them For Christmas?

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Large Fire Truck Toy – Many of us are actually fans of monster trucks, while others don’t even realize it. So, is that a monster truck? This is a car, usually stylish after a pickup truck that has been modified or intentionally made with large wheels and suspension. If you’ve heard of Bigfoot trucks, you know what I’m talking about. Yes, we are talking about big trucks with tires that are too big that jump over smaller cars or sometimes just destroy them.

Now, imagine if you could have a remote control (rc) version of a wild animal that has shrunk several times to the size of a very small bookcase, and painted in green. What is that? That would be Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck Toys, the latest edition of the Fast Lane Monster Truck RC toy series. It’s bigger, hotter, better, and certainly greener!

Large Fire Truck Toy

This is not like other truck toys you have ever seen. The actual size is 28.6 inches by 19.4 inches x 18.2 inches which makes it the largest toy truck ever produced. Comes with nine-inch tires, a large two-foot chassis, and a 4WD control system, these toy trucks will easily conquer all types of terrain. Your children can play on the flat surface of the front yard, grassy garden, and even a rocky backyard. To add a real realistic feature that is more realistic, this toy monster truck is equipped with a roll bar and tail pipe. Better still, children can light the fire effect on the roll bar and tail pipe. Just like the original Bigfoot, this toy is capable of performing various acrobatic actions, such as an amazing 360 degree rotation. This toy is certainly very interesting for children.

This package is equipped with a battery pack and a battery charger. However, it is recommended that parents buy additional battery packs because of excessive battery power consumption. That way, you can avoid the hassle of having to charge the battery in the middle of playing time.

So, should parents get a Wild Monster Monster Truck toy for this Christmas? If you intend to give your children the best RC truck toys, then the answer is definitely yes, you have to. You don’t just have to buy this toy; but you also have to buy it quickly before it’s sold out. You can order Toy Trucks here to get the best deals.

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