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Tonka Fire Trucks – Introduction to Collecting Die-Cast Trucks

Collecting die-cast trucks is a fun and interesting hobby. Are you interested in collecting casual or if you are a hard collector, there is something in this hobby for everyone. When you start collecting, or if you buy a truck for a collector, there are some basic information that all collectors have to know about die-cast trucks.

Types of Die-Cast Trucks

While some people strictly collect one type of die-cast vehicle, there are various types of vehicles available. Some collectors focus on antique trucks, and others like to collect trucks from one factory. Others may only focus on the type of truck, such as 18 wheels, and others may be interested in agricultural vehicles or construction equipment. It is important to decide what type of truck is most attractive to you, so you can focus your research and purchases.

Tonka Fire Trucks

Die-Cast Truck Manufacturer

There are many different die-cast truck manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers include:

· Norscott – Norscott is a major producer of Caterpillar die-cast construction equipment, as well as other brands such as Peterbilt, Kenworth, Case, Claas, Bell, Liebherr, and Yale / Hyster.

· Ertl – Ertl is one of the oldest die-cast truck manufacturers. Ertl’s main focus is on agricultural equipment, and producing John Deere and Case / New Holland agricultural vehicles.

· Tonkin – Tonkin focuses on road trucks, especially 18 wheels, but the collection also includes timber trucks and garbage trucks.

· New Ray – New Ray Trucks also focus on road trucks, including 18-wheel trucks and pickup trucks, but the collection also includes special trucks such as garbage trucks and tanker trucks.

· Yatming – Yatming is a Hong Kong company that produces an outline of fire trucks and police vehicles, in addition to its car lanes.

· Corgi – Corgi is a British manufacturer specializing in branded trucks and limited edition collection vehicles.

· Tonka – Tonka trucks are manufactured more stringently as toys than many die-cast trucks made today. Tonka is currently owned by Hasbro, and now licenses the Tonka name to Maisto for die-cast vehicles. Current Tonka trucks include pickup trucks, farm tractors, big rigs and branded trucks.

Die-Cast Truck Scales

Scale refers to the ratio of the size of the truck model to the size of the actual truck. The main scales for die-cast vehicles are 1:18, 1:24, 1:43, and 1:64. In a 1:18 scale truck, one inch on a die-cast truck translates to 18 inches on an actual truck. Some collectors prefer one-scale die-cast toy trucks, while others collect trucks of various scales.

Resources for Die-Cast Truck Collectors

The majority of the resources for collecting die-cast trucks are websites created by manufacturers of die-cast trucks and sites developed by other collectors. While a manufacturer’s website can be easily found with a simple search, it is more difficult to find non-manufacturing resources.

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