2 Wheel Drive Truck, Rearend Repair For Your Rear Wheel Drive Car and Truck

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2 Wheel Drive Truck – Repair on the back is a complicated and tiring task, preferably left to an expert who is an expert in this field! Actually, most mechanics today don’t know how to improve differences. They sent this job to a different rebuilding shop. I know that sounds hard to believe, but for this job you need a specialist. Many factors are used to secure a quiet and durable service job with a rear differential!

I will elaborate further, you will need premium parts, Timken national seals for American-made cars or Koyo pads, and NAK seals for Japanese-made vehicles. Ring and pinion make OEM or original factory work very well. The second best is aftermarket like Motive, Richmond, and US equipment. The choice of gear oil is a major concern for gear age. I recommend 85-140wtgear oil.

2 Wheel Drive Truck

Synthetic gear oil only has insufficient cushioning for impact between rings and pinion. Very good for the engine but the rear requires gear oil like molasses! This will give you a long life on your teeth that is arranged in the back of your car!

The four wheel drive truck racing application is usually not accompanied by a warranty! It’s best if you go to a differential specialist to make your differential custom made for this application. Always go to someone who does this job as a specialist. Most workshops do this work here and there. You want someone who does this every day. Resting in periods is very important! there is no excessive speed above 75mph for the first 500 miles and make sure your workshop differential runs differential without load! This means just let the rear wheel spin on the ground just above idle before the vehicle is moved. Thanks for reading!

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