Juice Truck For Sale, Truck Wash Steel Buildings Have Tripled in Cost in the Last 4 Years

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Juice Truck For Sale – There are many ways to build a Truck Wash building. Some buildings Wash Trucks are made of sloping concrete structures, others are steel buildings and there are advantages to both. You used to be able to build a car wash building from steel much cheaper than you could wash a truck from concrete (upward sloping), but, it didn’t happen again.

You know, Steel Wash Truck Buildings have tripled in the past 4 years due to rising steel costs, related to Tariffs, Government Interventions, and Consolidation of the Steel Industry. Of course, the cost of building Wash Trucks in 2008, no matter what ingredients you use also tripled. This is caused by obvious things such as; on regulations, labor shortages, local city permit processes and legal fees associated with these problems.

Juice Truck For Sale

If property costs, loan services for loans and costs for building truck washing exceed the reasonable return on investment in the first four years, it makes sense not to build a Truck Wash at all. Today, the truck industry does not break the speed record, but it is quite good considering other industries – real estate for example.

If there is a further slowdown in the economy and an increase in the price of diesel fuel, the truck washing industry might get a serious blow because large trucking companies try to save costs. Every Truck Wash owner or tofu Truck Wash facility operator will cut their sales in a big way.

Taking into account these risks; Does it make sense to build a truck wash in 2008?

One interesting comment about this question is; it can take up to one and a half years to get approval and permission to build a Truck Wash and you may be on a project before you even reach $ 100,000 including attorney, architect and planning fees. At times you might decide not to, because environmental impact reports cause you to friction at the local city planning commission.

If you start planning Truck Wash today, 1/1/2008, chances are you won’t complete the project until around the end of 2009 unless you have some juice from the city or local area where you are building Washing Trucks. prices of materials, especially steel, do not seem to be falling in the near future. Concrete also does not go down, but if we have a decline in sector rotation in the commercial building industry, one might be more likely to cut a lot on building materials such as concrete and thus, a window of opportunity in the near future.

If a recession hits the US economy hard enough in 2008-2010, after that it will recover strongly and the truck industry will boom again. This will provide excellent sales for a faster return on investment in Truck Washing. Is this worth the risk? This must be something to contemplate in 2008.

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