Chevy C10 Trucks For Sale, 1971 Chevy truck lights up the night; Vehicle features a train horn and 35 feet of LED lights

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Chevy C10 Trucks For Sale – Tell us about your car (specifications, recovery, etc.)

This is a complete off-frame restoration of Chevrolet C1 1971. It’s white. We were completely dismantled. We removed all paint and added air conditioning. I also lowered the front 3 inches with a drop spindle and lowered the 5-inch rear end with drop springs. It has 35-plus foot LED lights change color on the bed, under the hood and in the instrument cluster.

The truck also has two Chevy ties that illuminate the ground at night. There is one in front and one behind. The mag wheel is American Racing “butterfly.” They are old school. I want to stick with 5 on 5 15×8 but when they come they won’t work in front because of a 3 inch spindle drop. So, I have to return it and go to 17×8 Butterfly. Kevin at Sig’s Tire put four different tire sizes for me to try and find the one that fits and fills the fender to make it look right.

Chevy C10 Trucks For Sale

Do you have fun or interesting stories about cars?

I owned a truck in 1972 that I would return but a week before going to the store, I had a gas line that was released and the truck burned down. So, I looked for another and found one in Drexel. I got it and took it and what part I could use from what was burned and made that I have now.

Why do you love trucks?

It’s nice to get around and let people enjoy seeing it and walking around and people give you a thumbs up.

What are the most interesting features of this car?

I like to horn my train.

What do people often ask about vehicles?

What color is this and who painted it?

What value do you place in the car?

Invaluable, LOL. I am afraid to say the price because I am afraid someone might just have what I ask for. I have one person who followed me in the city while blowing his trumpet, trying to make me stop. Finally I stopped in the parking lot.

He said, “I want this truck. How much?”

I said, “This is not for sale.”

He said, “Make me a price. I want it.”

I said, “No, I can’t do that.”

He continued to want me to make it a price. After he finally knew I would not give him, he wanted me to take the number – if I decided to sell it. A few days later he called me and asked, “Did you call me about the truck?”

I said, “No. It’s still not sold.”

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