Power Wheels Truck With Trailer, This Custom 1949 Dodge Power Wagon Is Big, Bad, And Awesome

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Power Wheels Truck With Trailer – Turns heads and goes anywhere, but such a presence comes at a price. It’s not often we see cool restaurant trucks rebuilt with off-road motifs, but they have loyal followers. Usually, the truck in question is from Ford, Chevrolet, or sometimes Jeep, but this time around 1949 the Dodge Power Wagon was very sweet. And it’s indeed very sweet, but it’s also very expensive. We will discuss more about that a little.

This building comes from a company called Legacy Classic Trucks, and The Hooniverseon YouTube has a very close experience with a test drive. Make no mistake, this truck is big in every sense of the word – from 40-inch tires to four-door cabins that are actually made for this monster. The interior is updated with comfort such as air conditioning and heated seats, but still maintains a very functional feel. In fact, according to the video, the owner of this truck actually uses it like a truck.

Power Wheels Truck With Trailer

Underneath it rises on the Dana 60 axle in front with Dana 80 behind. The big off-road tires were mounted on 17-inch beadlock wheels, and to be honest, the settings weren’t that big on the Power Wagon that was bigger than life. At this point you might be wondering how big the suspension lifts are, but again, we are talking about vintage Power Wagons. The rear axle has a non-lifting Bilstein feature, while the front drives a King coilovers with a small two-inch lift to complete everything. We say it’s big.

For those who expect to see the word Hellcat typed here for a machine, you will be disappointed. A 5.9-liter Cummins turbo diesel is under the hood, conservatively designed to develop 350 horsepower (261 kilowatts) and 600 pound-feet (813 Newton-meters) of torque. This is managed by four-speed automatic, but the video says that Legacy Classic Trucks love to build classic Wagon Power with a variety of engines and combo transmissions. In other words, if you really want Hellkitty on a big hood, you might be able to get it.

Now, about the price. This type of work and adjustment is not cheap. A vintage Power Wagon restaurant from Legacy Classic Trucks starts at around $ 200,000, with what is shown here topping out at $ 318,000. That’s a crazy amount of money but it must be admitted, that is the number of crazy trucks that need more than 3,000 hours to complete. If you order one today, it will take two years to arrive – six months just for the waiting list, and another 18 months for really building.

Is the price worth it? It’s up to you to decide, but we’re pretty sure you won’t see another truck like that on your trip, both on the road and off the road.

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