Old Ford Truck Parts, The heartbreaking reason behind man’s search for 1979 pickup

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Old Ford Truck Parts – Hugh Merritt did not know what to do to help his wife, Emily, during this sad time. “Emily is heartbroken about the pappy,” Merritt told the Free Press. Emily made headlines when she was born during a blizzard in January 1982 on the side of Interstate 70 with a pickup of the Ford F-150 1979 in red. His parents, Leonard and Marilyn Orr, raced to the Ohio Valley Medical Center in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Years later, the pickup was part of every family’s outing. The truck represents the fun time now gone. Nobody expected Leonard Orr to die at the age of 60. Celebrating the remission of pancreatic cancer in March 2018, Orr, from New Philadelphia, Ohio, died of kidney cancer on September 18. It surprised the family.

Old Ford Truck Parts

And now Merritt, 43, from Moravian Falls, North Carolina, is in an effort to track old pickups in hopes of calming his wife.

He has issued a defense on social media asking people to spread the news and help.

“Emily remembers driving the truck, and that connects her with her father,” Merritt said. “So this, what we are doing now, is something for him. Lennie works 60 to 80 hours a week as a mechanic and her mother is a nurse on the night shift. On mornings and weekends, they will go by truck. It was an amazing moment. ”

Merritt offers a single clue in the search for F-150: The truck has an insect shield decorated with pictures of bears in roller skates. There he is. He did not know the vehicle identification number.

“Emily loves her father, like most girls love their father,” Merritt said. “We just want to know what happened to the truck. Maybe take the picture now. ”

Here’s what he knows: The second to last owner was Leonard Warner of Uhrichsville, Ohio, a Army platoon sergeant who served in the Gulf War, who traded it to Honda dealers in New Philadelphia, who then sold it to classic car recoverers from somewhere in the South , according to the Times-Reporter in New Philadelphia.

Warner said he had the opportunity to meet more than 20 years ago by truck outside a spare parts shop at Uhrichsville, he told the Times-Reporter. He spoke with the owner, but had no reason to get contact information.

Warner told Free Press on Friday that he had moved from his home for 27 years to a more rural area to be closer to his grandson. He plans to go through the moving box to try and find a VIN number or how to track the truck.

“That’s an amazing truck. I’m sure I hope I don’t sell it, “said Warner, 75, who retired from coal mining and maintenance work.

“I got rid of the truck in 1992 or 1993, after serving in the Gulf. I hope I don’t sell it. But my wife can’t drive a standard. And it uses too much gas. But the tires are big, the footprint is good. My sons worked at the pizza delivery site and the snow fell very badly and everyone in the city was closed but my sons and daughters delivered pizza all night in the truck. ”

Miracles happen
Ford sold 718,158 F-Series trucks in 1979. It was the nation’s best-selling pickup 37 years ago and remains the most popular truck in America today.

Erich Merkle, U.S. sales analyst at Ford, checking records and making Friday calls. When asked how many red F-150s were sold, he said, “I don’t know. 1979 has been a long time. I am 12 years old. I mean, village people were hot at that time.”

Still, Merritt still hoped.

“We kind of hit a block without a VIN number. This is a hard struggle, “he said. “But my wife said one night she wanted to know where it was. I can’t do many things for him, but I can do this. ”

Merritt extorted an interview into his day after working at Tyson Foods where, he said, “I like chicken all day.” His wife is a school nurse instructor, teaching online and in the classroom.

“He did two jobs and got a Ph.D. His father really impressed him to excel, “Merritt said. “That’s one reason I fell in love with him.”

When Hugh and Emily Orr approached their first wedding anniversary on December 26, they realized they now did not know how life could change so fast.

Love on the internet
But they succeeded. And if anyone believes in miracles, this is both.

The couple fell in love through the internet. Each has bariatric surgery and goes to a dating site that specializes in the topic.

“That is one of those cheap free ones. We tried Match.com and others and nothing seemed to work, “said Hugh Merritt. “The day before my birthday, I got a message from Emily. He said he worked online at a college and had a degree. But he will send a picture and it’s always sideways. I thought, ‘How does he always get the wrong picture if he works on the internet? We will meet and this woman will steal my kidney. I will get catfishing. ‘”

He stole his heart instead.

Emily Orr lives in North Carolina. Hugh Merritt lives in Texas. He wanted to make sure he was the same nerd with him, so he invited him to meet at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

“I sat in front of Saturn 5 and I put my heart on the line for him,” Merritt said. “I told him about all my things and all my bad things. He said he was all in … and he invited me after one date. I packed everything, and moved to North Carolina. The first gift he gave me was the key to the house and kiss. “

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