Ford Truck Mats, Ford Truck Accessories – Five Top Picks

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Ford Truck Mats  – Today we will talk about some of the most popular Ford truck accessories installed on their trucks. This is a guide to give you Ford truck fans some ideas about what you can do for your Ford truck to improve appearance and performance. We hope you enjoy and find some useful information in this article.

Select number one is the addition of the Magnaflow exhaust system. When it comes to aftermarket exhaust systems on Ford trucks, Magnaflow seems to be the top choice. By installing the Magnaflow system you can expect to get more horsepower and torque and Magnaflow’s distinctive sound. The double rear exit system seems to be the most popular.

Ford Truck Mats 

Select number two is the bed cover. The most popular cover of the tonne chosen by Ford owners seems to be The Extang Trifecta for ease of use and flexibility. Trifects are folded in seconds and are easily stored behind your chair or placed on the side of your truck’s bed when transporting larger objects. This cover is very easy to use and one of the best on the market.

Choose number 3 is a remote starter. I think this is because the northern part of the country tends to be where there are more Ford fans than other brands. Therefore, remote starters make life easier if you live in colder weather and need less so that your truck warms up before driving (which is highly recommended when below freezing)

Select number 4 is the billet grid. I don’t know why, but it seems that Ford owners don’t like the look of the Ford grills stock. Adding a billet grill really improves the appearance of the front of a Ford truck. If there are Ford representatives who read this, you might want to pay attention to what I say. In other words, improve the look of your Ford grills and we won’t buy an aftermarket.

Select number 5 is the liner. I know this may have to choose number one but that is difficult because more people are installing bed rigs or bed mats today. Personally I think bedliners are a better bet. You can always add a mat or carpet with the bed installed but the liner provides the best protection in my opinion.

So that’s how my people gave you my top 5 pick Ford truck accessories. Remember this is my choice and that is truly a personal opinion. Other people who almost made my select list included wheels and tires, tube ladders and of course the popular bull blades. These are all good accessories and may be on your top list. Oh and don’t forget to check the performance tuner too. I didn’t go into suspension as you noticed when I tried to keep this simple and not too extreme. That will be another article for another day. Until then, enjoy the tricks of your Ford truck and not the bank brakes that do it.

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