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Black Ops Ford Truck – The best-selling car in America is back with the original engine design and blue-collar transmission from the motorbike city. The Ford F-150 pickup comes in a regular, long and cabin-crew style. All taxis have four doors. The Minicab standard replaces the SuperCab extended minicab with an average hinged “partial door.” The Minicab SuperCrew crew has four straight doors.

Extended and seats have work chairs for a capacity of 6 passengers. The crew has a consigned single bed of 5.5 feet. Other F-150s use beds 5.5, 6.5 and 8 feet, depending on options. All come in an outer appearance Flat side style; a single bed of 6.5 feet in addition to being present as a Flareside flare-fender.

Black Ops Ford Truck

The 4.2-liter V6 engine has 202 horsepower. There are two V8 engines: 4.6 liters with 231 hp and 5.4 with 300. 5-speed transmission comes as a standard option.

In lieu of reclaiming bread and butter, Ford launched a new version of the F-150 pickup in 2004 and then focused on the massive change of Super Duty bubba in 2005. This year, Ford slept from his labors, with a few changes to the memorandum: Procession F- 150 hardened with a Harley-Davidson trim pack highlighted by monotone black outdoor; Dipole 22 inch fake aluminum wheels; and eagle logo bag. Then in the year of representation. And there are a number of chrome and other small selection packages for issuing changes.

We are disappointed that Ford chose not to take the original version of the Lightning that was dead, which is rumored to be returning in 2006 with a supercharged V-8 that produces 500 horsepower and 500 pounds of torque. Ford Lightning has become a big attraction for the company. More appear in popular films such as fast and fierce to boost its popularity.

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