Mobile Food Truck For Sale Craigslist, Ten Reasons Why Your Business or Charity Should Partner With A Food Truck

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Mobile Food Truck For Sale Craigslist – Are you a charity fundraiser, CEO of a multinational company or small business owner, there are many reasons why partnering with a food truck might be good for your business. Whether your goal is to advance your company’s marketing, raise money for your school’s athletic department or increase sales in your business, food trucks provide a unique opportunity to tailor your organization’s goals.

Cellular Kitchen generates buzz. Are sales left in the place of your used car? Are you worried about getting enough income to raise your funds? A giant brightly colored food truck at your event drives people’s interest and raises potential customers or donors to your event. Coupled with radio broadcasts, the chow cart may be just what you need to achieve your sales or fundraising goals.

Mobile Food Truck For Sale Craigslist

Food Truck operators are the masters of social media. Twitter, Facebook and the internet are tools for trading the mobile kitchen and they have loyal followers. If those followers know that their favorite lunch cart is selling food in your business, many people will come to your business and be more receptive to your sales promotion. Take advantage of social media presence and mobile food truck enthusiasts to increase your sales.

Economy. Having a mobile kitchen at your event is inexpensive and as cheap as asking if their truck is available for your event. Let food trucks set up in your parking lot near your entrance. If you have a little money that you can invest, you can make a deal with a food truck where you pay the first 50 meals for your first 50 customers. Customers like gifts. People like free items and you can give them something fun, unique and wise that won’t damage the bank. If you do charity fundraising, most food trucks will be more than happy to come to your event for free and many will give you a percentage of their sales for privileges to be on your show.

Consider sponsorship. Many beginner lunch cars will put your company name, web address, logo and telephone number on their truck for a price. It doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars either. Some operators will put your information in their trucks to get discounts or free goods and services. Negotiate having your info close to the menu where everyone is a lot. Thousands of people will see your ad. Most mobile kitchen owners will be honored to put your charity logo on their truck for free.

Consider company partnerships. If you own a garage, offer a replacement or free oil inspection to the mobile kitchen owner instead of putting something on the truck stating “Garage Service for XYZ food trucks provided with your garage name”. The concept of partnership is really only limited to your imagination. Have a brewery? Have a wholesale shop? Give the truck owner the choice to use your product at a cheaper price instead of your beer or the product used and quoted directly on their menu. Any business can partner with a truck and everyone involved will benefit from the relationship. Mobile kitchen owners reduce the costs of operations, food, or maintenance, while businesses that provide discounts, products, or services get a lot of cheap exposure and brand recognition.

Your employees need to rest. An event that is fulfilled in your place of business will increase morale. If your business can’t afford to pay for your employee’s lunch, look for a mobile kitchen that serves delicious food and consider one day each month as a food truck day. Ask the food truck to visit your business on a designated day and at lunch, watch the smile on your employee’s face.

Take part in the contest. If your sales are lagging behind, offer a food truck event that is provided as a gift for your sales team. Anyone who sells the most, wins a free party in their home for 30 people. At a cost as low as 10 dollars per person, the 300 dollars you invest can really pump your sales team and motivate them to increase your profits. Everyone likes free parties.

Certificates of gifts, promotions and coupons. Work on an agreement with a popular food truck where you print coupons or coupons that offer two dollars of food in a truck. Whatever the voucher nominal value is offered to pay half of it. Offer vouchers or coupons to customers who buy your product or service. Mobile kitchens benefit from increased sales and your customers will enjoy incentives plus you get customer loyalty.

Let them park at your point of sale on the sales day at the latest, once a week. Food trucks are always looking for a place to sell food and there’s no reason your business doesn’t benefit from this. This relationship is very good for retail sales but can also apply to the service or entertainment industry. You are not limited to just one truck. Once customers know that every Tuesday at lunch there is a food truck in your business, there will be a steady increase in traffic in your store. Promote “Food Trucks Tuesday” with brochures in your store along with information on social media and your web pages. The same concept applies to brick and mortar charity businesses.

If you can’t beat them, join them. Offer a food truck the opportunity to provide gifts, coupons and gifts from your business in return for exposure in your business. The relationship can be as simple as letting a food truck hang leaflets in your retail space and you provide a link to the food truck web address of your webpage. The mobile kitchen shares your coupons or leaflets on the next big event for the exposure you give them and your promotion reaches a new audience.

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