Used Trucks Anchorage, A Caribbean Charter to Peaceful Peter Island

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Used Trucks Anchorage – If you are looking for a Caribbean charter to an island that has a cruise ship dock that unloads hundreds of passengers, fast food restaurants and t-shirt, television or even structures that rise higher than sailboat poles, you won’t find it on Peter Island. Instead, located 4 miles south of Tortola, opposite Sir Frances Drake Channel, you will find a piece of paradise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Drake Channel, 6 amazing bays, and 20 remote bays.

With an area of ​​1,800 hectares, this is the fifth largest of about 60 islands, bays and open coral reefs consisting of the British Virgin Islands. Although the island is home to the super exclusive and very luxurious Peter Island Resort and Yacht Harbor (this means cruisers are asked to adjust their clothing to fit the tone of the hotel), the rest of the island is private and most are undeveloped. The Caribbean Charter to the island offers beautiful walks to private beaches, dramatic views of remote islands, great snorkeling and diving, and peaceful seclusion in some very beautiful anchors.

Used Trucks Anchorage

The Anchorages

Little Harbor is the westernmost port. This is a well-protected place to stay with good retaining soil on the sandy bottom. Even in peak season, there are usually less than a dozen yachts here. There are no restaurants on land, so if you use a Caribbean charter, plan your supplies for cooking.

The Great Harbor is large, secluded and extraordinarily beautiful, but very deep. Therefore, to use it as a berth, you need to take advantage of some of the mooring balls available at Buttonwood Bay at the western end of the Great Harbor. Once home of Callaloo at the Beach restaurant owned by Prospect Reef, it has been reopened as the Seven Beach Club Oceans. This food is very good for lunch and dinner. Every 2nd Saturday, there are grilled pork and seafood dishes with live music and dance. There are water trampolines and kayaks to rent, or just enjoy relaxing on the beach in one of their chaises.

Teluk Sprat, popular with travelers from all over the world (with mooring balls, ice, water, fuel and showers available) is the entrance to Peter Island Resort facilities. You will also find a full service dive shop here. Compared to most Caribbean charter, moorings here are expensive. Expect to pay $ 65.00 a night compared to $ 20.00- $ 25.00 a night throughout the rest of the BVI. After landing, there are many trails to go through, but be sure to take a short climb up the hill to the east side of the harbor for beautiful views of the Chest Chest and Strait.

Deadman’s Bay is the easternmost port on Peter Island. Because of the surge, the best is only a beautiful day stop. Grass base in Deadman’s Bay might make it difficult to make anchors, but it makes good snorkeling on a stretch of seaweed. Watch for green turtles. The one-mile white crescent beach lined with sea vines and coconut trees has been rated as one of the ten most romantic beaches in the world. The west end of the beach is only for use by hotel guests, so stay behind the buoy line that points to the pool area. Deadman’s Beach Bar and Grill is located in the middle of the beach. This is a popular place with good food. BBQ is often held by dancing on the beach. Steel drum bands play every Sunday with West Indian brunch. Monday is a West Indian night with dancer Moko Jumbee on the stage.

There are two excellent anchors on the back (south coast) of Peter Island given the right sea and wind conditions. White Bay is named for its long, sparkling beaches. Snorkeling will find small mouth snoring, a small number of octopuses and occasionally tarpon in long shallow corals. Key Bay to the west of Key Point is a small port with only a few boats. Because it is open to existing wind, it is free of bugs. The snorkeling is amazing.

Dive Site

Peter Island has 30 dive sites within a 20-minute trip by boat, including Black Tip Reef, the Anchor Anchor, Fearless dive carcasses, and Reef Truck (collection of underwater cars and trucks). Some of the more spectacular sites are:

Shark Point is a sophisticated dive site formed by the overlap of Peter Island Bluff. Along the rocky cliffs today, hope to see a school of butterfly fish, jack eyed horses and sharks.

Dive into and check out the “underwater bar” from Willie T. Schooner, the old Baltic is a real floating bar and restaurant.

Carrot Shoal consists of rocky edges that resemble an underwater train on the station platform. This open water formation gets its name from the fine branches of protected black coral found here that look like the tops of lace carrots.

Nearby Dead Chest Island, an uninhabited National Park, has 3 dive sites reached by a small boat ride from Deadman’s Bay:

Painted Walls: This is a shallow dive from the southern point of the Dead Chest. Here divers will be happy to see a color kaleidoscope created by studded coral cups and bright neon sponges on the walls of four long canyons. This is probably the most photogenic dive site in the BVI.

Coral Gardens: This is a good site for beginner divers and snorkelers. Its name is taken from many large heads of brains, stars, and corals that resemble water parks.

Dead Chest West: Divers will find a reef gate, cave, bowl and labyrinth.

If calming offshore water that reflects a turquoise feel that is infinite and miles and miles seductive, often anchor and secluded beaches sound like a perfect definition of peace, then the Caribbean charter for Peter Island is for you. Climb the ship and let your concern melt away in the sea of ​​calm.

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