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Commercial Truck Tires For Sale – Buying commercial truck tires is not easy. Many things need to be carefully considered before entering into the buying process. The size and type of tires that are compatible with the vehicle and the detailed description must be considered. The site that is suitable for trucks must be determined because this can greatly affect the maximum mileage and overall performance of the vehicle.

Background Information Required

Before going to a retail store or shopping online for new commercial truck tires, obtaining simple background knowledge about the types needed and / or desired will be useful. Here is some information that can prove to be very helpful when buying the required vehicle commodities.

Commercial Truck Tires For Sale

Find out the exact reasons for purchasing new wheel sets for vehicles.
Sets whether the entire set will be changed or if the decision is drive vs. steer.
Determine the site that is suitable for the truck. The thickness of the site can be a good measure to help decide whether to buy a new one. If the site is less than one cent high, then it’s time to buy a new set.
Check the current model speed rating. This can be done by looking at the side wall. This speed rating is indicated by symbols such as M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, U, H, V, W and Y. Each symbol corresponds to a certain speed rating which is important to know in maintaining the speed of the vehicle’s ability.
Make all purchases in pairs. They must be replaced on both sides to maintain the balance and stability of the vehicle.
Buy the best quality that can be given. Good tires can save money in terms of fuel consumption. High quality has a good footprint that can provide better traction for vehicles. The site helps the wheels run smoothly and provides better mileage when on the road which reduces fuel costs.
Confirm the correct size before buying a new one. The correct size increases the truck’s performance capability. This size can be determined by reviewing the owner’s manual, the placard on the driver’s door or the tire sidewall. The internet can also be used to confirm the appropriate size for certain types of vehicles.
Ensure truck loading capacity. Knowing the truck loading capacity will verify the tire thickness that will be needed to withstand the maximum possible load.
De-coding of Letter Codes on the Sidewall

What you need to know about important alphanumeric numbers is printed on the sidewall of your truck tires. For example, consider: P250 / 70R20 110T M & S.

P – This letter refers to the type of vehicle designed for the tire. This size usually starts with P, T, and LT. The letter ‘P’ indicates that this type can be used for passenger vehicles; the letter ‘T’ indicates that it can only be used temporarily as when changing a flat; and ‘LT’ indicates that it can be used for vehicles that can carry heavy cargo.

250 – This number refers to the width of the tire in millimeters; for example, the number 250 indicates that it is 250 millimeters from the outer side wall to the inner side wall.

70 – This number refers to the Aspect Ratio. The aspect ratio is the relationship between the height and width of the tire. Given the example above, the height is 70% of the width.

R – This letter refers to the Radial Construction of the carcass layer. The pneumatic wheel version consists of a layer of carcass that provides support in extreme conditions. The lining of the carcass or the main body of the tire is made of thin textile fiber cable tied to rubber which determines its strength. This letter can be replaced by D, B or F. Each letter indicates a different internal construction from the carcass layer.

20 – These numbers refer to Wheel Diameter. Figure 20 shows that the tire is designed to fit the rim with a diameter of 20 inches. This number is expressed in ‘inch rims,’ which are even numbers from 8 – 28. Heavy duty trucks have a half inch rim diameter.

110 – These numbers refer to the Load Index. Load indices range from 0 – 279 and show how much the tire is certified to be brought to the right inflation pressure. In this example, ‘110’ can carry a maximum load of 2,337 pounds.

T – This letter refers to the Speed ​​Rating. Speed ​​rating shows the maximum speed at which the tire is certified to operate. Speed ​​ratings range from Q (lowest) to Z (highest), with the exception of the light truck (H) version that has no rank.

M & S – These letters refer to Mud & Snow. This shows that the tire meets the Rubber Manufacturers Association Standards for the type of mud and snow. Variations include: M + S, M / S, and M & S.

Tires placed on commercial trucks are the only link between the vehicle and the road surface. Keep this in mind when buying and don’t let costs be a consideration of the main purchases. Investing in quality wheels is always a wise choice for security reasons. This is also a wise choice for financial reasons because buying a high-performance commercial truck wheel can actually reduce fuel costs and save money. Educate yourself and make wise investments in commercial truck tires!

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