1940 Ford Truck For Sale, Ford F-Series Trucks – 1948 Overview

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1940 Ford Truck For Sale – The Ford F-Series has been the backbone of American roads and highways, from the beginning in the late 1940s to extraordinary success in the 1980s & 1990s. It was a long journey to the top of the sales charts but the story began as one of Ford’s first models produced after the end of World War 2.

In 1998, Ford celebrated the 50th anniversary of the F series trucks with the company paying much attention and publicity to the models throughout the year. This attention is certainly appropriate because even though design and engineering have developed over the years, the American truck driver community has accepted this and continues to buy this vehicle with enthusiasm.

1940 Ford Truck For Sale

This has been demonstrated over the past two decades because the F-series has become the best-selling vehicle in America for any category and was a pioneer when truck mania took over the American Car Market.

After the end of World War II, Henry Ford II (who was appointed President in 1945) made several changes that would change the fate of Ford. First he hired a group of people from a military background to review and change the company’s internal operations, secondly he appointed Ernie Beech as Ford’s executive president and General Manager and transferred him from a GM-owned company.

The new management team was very determined and their main agenda was the return of Ford to the top of the game for the production of cars and trucks. While this new team is ambitious, they are also realistic and they know it will take time to reach it.

The End of the War in 1945 saw the design of new trucks rolling out of the production lines of the Big Three before their first new design car. The reason for this is that the trucks started well because the production lines during the war really only produced trucks for civilian and military purposes and therefore the production lines were directed to trucks. Chevrolet and GMC first came out of the block with a new model launched in 1947 while Dodge and GMC looked to early 1948 to launch their new model.

1948 Ford Management’s F-Series at Ford is fully aware of the important role of the 1948 F-Series Trucks for the company’s future and its long-term goals. One of the main factors is the line of Ford trucks. In 1947 the range consisted of 1/2 ton series, one-ton series, Vanette and duty models weighing 1½ & two tons. Compare this to the range of 1948 when it was launched which consisted of eight 1/2 ton, ¾ ton, heavy duty ¾ ton, one ton, 1 ½ ton, two ton, two ½ ton, and three ton truck models.

The second factor is the change from past engine practices when they decided to use a new engine for the F-Series, it was common for Ford to use a machine that was already used in a Ford car.

The third factor in Ford’s marketing plan is its basic size rating, this is truly a nominal system but has proven to be very effective. The idea is not something new because International uses a similar system but Ford is badged (F-1 for the 1/2 ton model to F-8 for three tons) with F standing for Ford to apply the weight of the vehicle applied in the minds of customers. At that time the industry standard was for seven heavyweight vehicles.

Ford’s long-term goal is to go beyond Chevrolet and International. Chevrolet is an industry leader in light duty and medium duty trucks, while International commits middle-class and heavy-duty classes. Ford F-1 to F-6 vehicles are aimed directly at Chevrolet, while the new F-7 and F-8 models are aimed at the International.

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