Ford Pickup Trucks 2017, Ford Pickup Trucks Custom Sound – Subwoofer Upgrades

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Ford Pickup Trucks 2017 – Add Custom Bass to your Ford F-150 or Super Duty Pickup Truck

Let’s face it, your Ford F-150 is equipped with a stock CD player receiver but even
Their premium sound system leaves little to be desired. It doesn’t matter if you
drive an ordinary taxi, extended super cab or crew taxi, which your truck has
wasted space that is just ‘crying’ to use.

Custom Bass Sound

Sorry, but any stock radio might provide a basic AM / FM plus CD Player but
there is little that can be said about sound quality. Even the so-called “premium”
the sound system does not have real sound quality. The fastest and easiest way to add
sound quality for any Ford Pickup is to add a BASS or subwoofer to your system.
Of course when you start to consider the size of the subwoofer 8 “, 10″ or 12 ”
and the cover needed, plus an amplifier to move the speaker, you start
really worried about that space.

Ford Pickup Trucks 2017

Owners of Ford F-150, F-250 and Super Duty Truck

This is a very common problem faced by Ford F-150, F-250 and Superduty Pickup
Truck owner. They want Great Sound but destroy your new interior
truck out of question. Plus no one wants a big box that sits on their back
the chair. After all, you buy a truck to allow the use of a rear seat.
Well, there are several ways to deal with this, all depending on your budget and yours
specific model of Ford pickup.

Custom Bass Subwoofer Box

This new special subwoofer box is
available in various colors to fit your particular interior
a vehicle so you don’t have to compromise the integrity of the cosmetics. This is
great for those who rent their vehicles and want to enjoy the extras
bass without the added hassle of a messy installation. The material used is this
special cover is high density, high density polyethylene resin
enough to change into various shapes, but stiff enough to avoid flexibility. I t
also has sufficient density to reduce any resonance. Some models even come with
amplifiers are installed inside the unit. Many owners consider amplification
the version becomes the best deal. After all, you have everything hidden in it
the cover and installation are quick and easy.

Use Wasted Space in your Ford Truck

So, you solve several problems at once. You take care of your amp and subwoofer
seeing a nosy person because the cage that was installed seemed to be part of it
original vehicle. This new style cover looks like OEM equipment. They
provide a fully professional appearance for your Ford Truck. Plus you
managed to use all of the wasted dead space.

MTX and Q Logic are probably the two most famous producers of this product.
Of course various year models have different applications. You will find it
available for regular Ford F-150 cabs, super-powerful taxis and cabin crew pickups
truck. They are also available for
Model Ford F-250 and F-350 Superduty.

Increase the Value of your Ford Truck Resale

This special enclosure will definitely increase the sale or resale value
Your Ford F-150 or Super Duty
Pickup truck. So the owner wins around. Great voice while he has
vehicle and resold quickly when he was ready to continue. Of course the others
the benefit is that if your Ford truck is rented, you can simply delete the custom box and
the truck is in perfect condition to return to the dealer.
So, if you want high-quality sound in your new Ford Truck, see what’s new
special subwoofer cover for the best solution.

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