Truck Steering Wheel Covers, 1995 Chevy Truck – How to Remove the Steering Wheel

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Truck Steering Wheel Covers – Each vehicle can experience wear and tear as well as parts of the vehicle. No matter how expensive and famous, there are no changes to this rule. It’s the same as the steering wheel from Chevy Truck 1995. The only way to get out of this problem is to change the steering wheel with the new one.

Step 1: Decide the Negative Terminal

First make sure you keep the wrench open. This will be useful for disconnecting the negative terminal from the battery. You now have to find an airbag. Leave the vehicle to sit for almost 30 minutes before you continue.

Truck Steering Wheel Covers

Step 2: Pop the Airbag Off the Wheel

For this step, you must turn on the ignition of the truck and turn the steering wheel in a clockwise direction. After you can find the hole behind the wheel, use a screwdriver to remove the airbag from the wheel.

Step 3: Disconnect the Cable

You only do part of your work with airbags. Next you have to turn the 1995 Chevy truck wheel counterclockwise. You have to turn the wheel up to 180 degrees in the process. Now airbags can be accessed by you and you can disconnect the cable easily.

Step 4: Unlock the Steering Wheel

The next real step is to open the middle bolt lock. This is located in the center of the wheel. Pullers must be pushed using the right ratchet and socket. Tightening the nut located in the center of the puller will help us pull the steering wheel from the column.

As seen, changing wheels is a matter of a few minutes and will need the right tools to save you. When finished, the frustrated truck will automatically be turned into a pleasure to drive

Such tasks can be carried out by ordinary people and do not require you to depend on mechanics. The 1995 Chevy truck is one of the most sturdy and reliable vehicles and can be returned to its original form in a few steps.

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