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Isuzu Pickup Trucks For Sale – Isuzu is the largest commercial truck manufacturer in the World. It is famous for medium and heavy duty trucks and diesel engines. Most of the 16 million diesel engines are specifically developed for all types of commercial vehicles. Amid slow sales in the United States, Isuzu has stopped producing cars and SUVs, but is still very profitable in producing large vehicles and pickups.

The commercial lane of heavy duty vehicles includes light, medium and heavy chassis trucks and the number of buses that continue to grow. Elves, Forward and Giga are three types of Isuzu trucks. In the United States, H-Series heavy-duty commercial trucks are produced exclusively for the North American market.

Isuzu Pickup Trucks For Sale

Elf type

Isuzu Elf is a lightweight N-series truck that uses the Aisin AW450-43LE gasoline engine with a four-speed automatic transmission. More powerful 5 or 6 speed manual transmission is also available. These new models are stylish and functional. The Isuzu Elf model mostly operates in Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Forward Type

Medium duty trucks, Forward, also known as F-series in other countries. This is present in the cabin cover design and can be driven 2 or 4 wheels. One of the distinguishing features of this truck is fast assembly. They can be assembled off-site in just two days. In fact, such unusual services routinely occur in Chile and several other South American countries. Depending on the market, Forward series trucks are offered in manual, semi-automatic and automatic transmissions. These trucks are mostly produced for the Japanese and Australian markets. In Australia, a large number of Isuzu F series trucks are made specifically for law enforcement, fire fighting, and medical units.

Giga type

This biggest truck is Giga which can also be recognized by class C or E. This is the most popular model and is widely used in many countries. The Giga model is made specifically for practical use and may not contain many facilities offered by competitors.

Type H

In collaboration with General Motors, Isuzu has also developed the H-series brand commercial truck brand. In America, this is mostly known as the Chevrolet Kodiak. This medium duty truck is also sold in Colombia and Mexico. Type H, the third generation truck, uses a 6.6L V8 Diesel engine that is powerful or 7.8L I6 Diesel which is equipped with a 5, 6, 9 or 10 speed manual transmission. Automatic transmission is also available. The latest version of the US presidential car also gets its specifications from Isuzu-inspired GMC topkick chassis.

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