Rent A Food Truck, Commercial Food Truck Insurance and What You Need to Know

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Rent A Food Truck – Who doesn’t like going to a food truck? It seems we all do it, because in every big city or urban area, or even relatively smaller, there are food trucks, or a dozen, at every corner. Food truck owners face a unique set of challenges for how they run their business. This includes, of course, ensuring that they are protected by the right type of commercial insurance policy.

There are many different challenges for food truck owners. There are special rules that may apply in different states, districts or cities, with licenses, permits, and more. They cannot depend on their customers who come to the specified location, but instead they can go to their customers.

Rent A Food Truck

They don’t need to pay to rent or own a building, but they need that vehicle, a way to find a stable customer base on the go, and so on and so on. Another problem arises when restaurant owners in brick and mortar locations, who pay these fees and have been set up in one place, don’t want you to be in their place. In this case, they are often lobbied, because food services or the restaurant community can be very strong with local legislators.

With everything said, one of the unique challenges is still finding commercial car policies for food trucks. Simply put, a typical commercial vehicle insurance plan won’t work well for food trucks. You don’t fry food with boiling hot oil vats in your typical commercial car, right?

There are electrical appliances, people who cook there, problems serving food customers and disposing of garbage, and on the telephone. A lot has to be sorted out, and that is why it is very important to find commercial policies that have been designed with this in mind.

Even if you talk to an insurance representative who tells you that you can get away with commercial policies for refrigerated vehicles, or more general plans, don’t be satisfied. Also, make sure to always remember changes to local laws and regulations where you live and work, because this is an area that changes and develops quickly.

The good news is that more choices are available to you, if you are a food truck owner. Make sure you protect your business, and yourself, as completely as possible, with commercial food truck insurance that meets your every need, and a provider that understands the unique challenges you face in operating this kind of business.

John Rothschild is the owner of ACI Insurance Services, the leading provider of Florida commercial car insurance for more than 10 years. ACI is known for their customer service, extensive experience and knowledge of this industry, and affordable prices, and they will do everything they can to meet their clients’ needs. They now also serve the Georgia and Louisiana markets.

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