Fire Truck Blanket, Tow truck companies preparing for ‘mad house’ of slide-offs, accidents

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 BlanketFire Truck Blanket, Tow truck companies preparing for ‘mad house’ of slide-offs, accidents-Local traction companies will be on the bridge on Monday, January 28, to clean up the accident and pull out snow vehicles after a storm covering western Michigan.

McDonald’s Towing announced that in the next two days there will be 25 drivers in standby mode, while T & J Towing will leave all drivers ready for departure.Joey Bird of T & J Towing said that the most important thing to remember if a vehicle stuck on the roadside is to stay in the car and wait for emergency staff, whether it be police, police or police. firefighters, emergency wagons or tow vehicles.

Bird said that he had several very close conversations over the past week without drivers preparing to make truck trailers doing their job on the road.

Fire Truck Blanket

“We spent a week with the state police, and one soldier flew out of two people because they did not move in. I mean, you see our trucks on, see, slow down and move and give us jobs,” Bird said.

He also wanted to remind drivers to expect longer waiting times if they stuck in the next two days. Bird also noted that injury to injuries was more important than a simple sling without wounds.

“We’re waiting for a crazy house, that’ll be crazy.” This week we ran without stopping, 18 hours a day just for running, “Bird said.” Trucks, we put a lot of fuel. Now we are ready. “……

Fire Truck Blanket

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