Refrigerated Truck Rental, BUSINESS OF THE WEEK: DeCarolis Truck Rental

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Refrigerated Tuck Rental, BUSINESS OF THE WEEK: DeCarolis Truck Rental-Many tractors used by Seneca Foods Geneva, R.I.T.T Junius and F & A Food Ithaca are rented by DeCarolis Truck Rental.

The Border Office is part of DeCarolis Trucking, headquartered in Rochester, celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. The rental office was established in 1980 and for the first time worked outside of Rochester.

DeCarolis Trucking also has offices in Henrietta, Syracuse, Buffalo, Elmir and Binghamton. Webster’s Mike Margarette is the chairman of the local organization. The Service Department directs Darren Smolinsk from Clyde.

Refrigerated Truck Rental

“We rent or rent trucks only to commercial buyers, not to private individuals.” We do everything but put it in the driver’s seat, “Margarone, who has been responsible for Fallbrook Street in Waterloo since 1987.” We rent trucks for large trucks, daily, weekly or monthly for other companies. We have a company name, logo and other information on the truck side. ”

Margarone has said that the company also offers and leases refrigerated vehicles to companies specializing in food and other perishable products.

“We can serve every truck or commercial vehicle as long as it meets the truck definition,” said Smolinski, who joined the company in 2005. “We look forward to heavy construction machinery.”

Parts Department sells parts for all types of large trucks, such as Volvo, Freightliner and International, as well as agricultural and school buses.

DeCarolis bought an existing warehouse at Fallbrook Street when it was expanded from Rochester to Waterloo in 1980. About 10 years ago, Waterloo expanded and doubled significantly. Margarone said it was due to the growth of business at that time.

At the moment, DeCarolis is repairing another building on the property at a training center that wants to work with large trucks: “It serves seven sites here and trains current and new technicians employed by our staff,” Margarone said.Margariin says that business growth is in line with the growth of Finger Lakes. He said wineries and breeders needed trucks with a refrigerator and a truck.DeCarolis is a member of the national lease. In other words, if any truck fails in this area or in another country, another national leasing company will solve the problem. And if the vehicle of another company fails in this area, DeCarolis will take care of it.DeCarolis offers road transport services; Smolinski described the vehicle maintenance program as “strong”.

Margaron said that a 77-year-old mother often visits offices, usually donates hospital staff and pays everything to go well.

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