Red Pickup Truck With Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree Hacks: How to Make Your Set-Up Quick, Clean, and (Almost) Not Frustrating

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Red Pickup Truck With Christmas Tree – What could be better than seeing a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments and shining with hundreds of twinkling lights perched near the fireplace crackling as you inhale Sam Adams Winter Lager, a book on your knees, children sleeping soundly, and soft snow falling outside on winter night? If you don’t answer anything, then you are right. That’s the peak, there. Christmas trees have been part of a winter holiday celebration for at least a thousand years, and today serve as the main seasonal decoration in many homes.

As beautiful as a Christmas tree has been installed and decorated in your home, the process of inserting trees into it can be a headache and a half. There is needle droppings, the pain of getting baggage tied to a standing tree and balanced upright, stretches awkward and supple and faces that inevitably poke during stringing of lights, and so on. To take a sting from the process of installing a Christmas tree, we have compiled a list of Christmas tree groupings that will save you time and save you from frustration when you bring green charm to your home.

Red Pickup Truck With Christmas Tree

This year, my family started a new tradition of cutting down our own trees. We went to a farm about an hour from home, found a tree that looked good among the hills of tree fields, and sawed the pine above. With a hand saw. First tip? Use a reciprocating saw or a chainsaw if you cut it yourself! But from now on, whether you cut your own Christmas tree or you ride from a lot, Christmas tree tips will be the same.

Use Ratchet Straps
During the Thanksgiving weekend, I was lucky enough to drive the loaned GMC Sierra Denali 2019 pickup truck. In a matter of days, I changed from a non-truck man to a truck man (even though I don’t have a truck) thanks to the ability and frankness of luxury of this large vehicle, which has everything from the head view to Wi-Fi Capability. Also, the bed was more than big enough to accommodate our 8.5-foot Christmas tree, which made it very easy.

If you can, get a large pickup truck before you get your tree. Even with a large bed, you still have to secure the tree. Stanley Tie-Down Kit uses an extra large suction cup to secure the ratchet strap to the roof of any vehicle, even if you don’t have a roof rack. Whether you drive a Sierra Denali or Mini Cooper pickup, you can use this kit to secure the tree firmly to the vehicle, jumping over the thread you will be offered at the tree site.

Do it when the tree is horizontal
Arguably, the worst part about preparing a Christmas tree is the process of lowering the trunk of the tree into the tree, then making it erect perfectly, then securing the tree safely at its base. The trial involved back pain, scratched skin, poked eyes, and marital disputes. This year, just put the tree at the bottom of the tree while still sticking to the roof of your car or sticking out the back of your truck. (Or remove the tree from the car and place the stand while on the side on the ground or table.)

Once you have the support installed, don’t bring the tree in! Get up and make sure it’s upright and stable, then remove that linking people who like to cultivate around trees.

Now, let’s make your tree look great!

Use Trimmer Hedge
To be honest, I didn’t think about hacking until after our tree was inside – and without difficulty managing the basic blessings already installed! – so this involves adequate cleaning, but it is appropriate for a well-shaped tree that takes about five minutes of work.

Look carefully at your tree that is standing there (outside) your house. It looks good, sure, but not perfect, huh? Well, it doesn’t matter – you can whip it in no time! Or trim the shape. I use a STIHL HSA Hedge Trimmer that is battery-powered to sculpt our trees quickly into a pleasant cone shape, pull out branches that stick too far from the others and give the bottom from a uniform height. Then my wife and I spent 10 minutes cleaning the twigs and needles, so again, do this outside!

Use a blower

A living Christmas tree will drop a needle in your home. That is just a fact. And it will store a large number of these needles when you bring them into the house, pressing through the door and around the furniture. You can minimize clutter, however, by cleaning most of the loose needles and other debris attached to the branches while still outside. Of course, you must first do a few good punches, lift the tree a few inches from the ground and then drop it, dropping a large number of needles in the process. But then take the blower (in my case, I replaced the battery from the trimmer and turned on the BGA 56 blower, which I like because I was really tired of the extension cable) and gave the tree a long gust of air. Do it from top to bottom, bottom to top, side to side, and make sure to get the tip of the blower into each branch layer. You will fly thousands of loose needles, dust, deciduous leaves that come for trips, bugs, and more.

Almost time to move it, but first …

Do it when the tree is outside
Instead of crawling, stretching, and grumbling around the sides and back of the tree when you turn it on, enjoy easy access to all parts of the tree by turning on the lights while still standing outside. (You’ve checked the strands, right?) I also recommend placing the end of a medium-duty extension cable with several outlet taps near the center of the trunk, securing it by wrapping the rope around the branch, and then feeding the male end past the bottom of the trunk, leaving plenty of slack to reach the outlet inside. That way, you can start the string of lights from this hub and not worry about always finding the end of the lamp circuit before.

By placing the Christmas tree lights outside, you get easy access to all parts of the tree and you further reduce the clutter of needles falling inside.

Place the bag under the standing tree
Of course, it’s very sad to think about throwing your tree before it is even arranged and decorated, but let’s make sense here: January You will be grateful at the start of your Holiday Season for future reviews. Partially open the disposal bag and place it where you will prepare the tree, then remove your clean, light-wrapped tree and place it in place. Slip the bag around the booth, fill it with water, close the situation of the unsightly bag with a nice tree skirt, and decor!

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