Ford Truck Crate Engines, Is the eCOPO Crate Engine the Way Forward?

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Ford Truck Crate Engines – Every year, the SEMA Show produces some truly amazing powerplants. From LS twin-turbo engines to the latest iterations from established LT plants, it’s always interesting to see what not only a myriad of aftermarket companies, but also Ford, GM and Chrysler. Over the years, we witnessed the noble LS machines grow in size and capability, culminating in the factory producing LSA and LSX offers, both of which exceeded 600hp.

Similarly, more at the Ford camp, as the Blue Oval continues to develop their pushrod lines, the choice of the latest modular modular Coyote engine produces the same power as the large LS engine. Of course, if you’re drummin ‘for a different beat or just a Pentastar fan or you just want to say, “yes, it has Hemi!”, Dodge has several high-power crate options also in the form of their big-inch Hemi line.

Ford Truck Crate Engines

But the fact that you can walk to a dealer or enter a website and buy a high horse crate machine to build your truck is not new. Hot rodders have been doing this for almost 50 years, in the form of brick and mortar. What’s new is the fact that these large motors make power in an efficient way, thanks to all kinds of different technologies, that they also produce mpg numbers in the mid-20s and better, life span and reliability have never been heard before in the engine high performance, and driving characteristics that mimic stock pickup trucks. A motorbike that is smooth and capable of producing power from idle-6,500rpm, drives all modern accessories, mated with automatic trans overdrive which lowers engine speed to 2,500rpm or less at highway speeds, and gets 25mpg? It was a combination of my friend’s modern powerplant.

Or so I thought.

While walking on the floor of the SEMA Show last October, I found a muscle car that really interests me. That is important for several reasons, the most important is the fact that the muscle car REALLY caught my interest. I’m just not excited about them. Another reason why this is important is the fact that this is a MODERN muscle car. I’m really not excited about that. Unless we really talk about their powerplants. Which, in this case, me.

But in this case of musclecar, it’s not a traditional V8 under the hood that pulled me in. It’s not a Cummins diesel turbo too. Also not an Eco-boosted 4-cylinder. Not six straight, six, four-flat, swivel, V8, Flathead, Nailhead, overhead, Modular, Hemi, Stovebolt, Wedge, small or big-block blocks. In fact, the damn thing doesn’t even use any gas. Gasp!

You probably already know it now, but standing there in front of the 2019 Chevy Camaro with a stupid face on my face, it was not so clear at that moment what I saw. Looking down at the orange tubes and the muscular hose coming out of the pile of aluminum stones, I thought, “This is not DeLorean but wretched, they did it. They have made a time machine. ”

But when I was about to ask one of the GM engineers where the flux capacitors were, I realized what I was seeing, remembering the badge on the car: Camaro eCOPO.

No, GM does not build a time machine, but they have brought the future to the present in a spectacular form. What they built was a drag car that was fully electric, driven by an electric motor with an 800 volt battery installed strategically on the back of the car.

“I have 240 volts in my garage.” I told the GM engineer.

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