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Truck Rental San Diego – Alluring vintage cars. They represent simplicity, or workmanship, or louche cheating from a bygone era. They too – and I say this as the proud owner of four old vehicles – talkative, dangerous, and very unreliable. Not everyone enjoys this constant crapshoot on their daily drive.

Fortunately, the trio of “economic sharing” applications allow occasional access to classics to be well maintained. DriveShare, Turo Inc., and Vinty Inc. they all function like Airbnb, but each has a unique position. Owners make a list of their vehicles, upload information and pictures, set rental prices, and provide guidance on things such as mileage, guarantee money, and shipping instructions.

Truck Rental San Diego

Users must meet minimum age requirements: For Turo and Vinty 21 with additional insurance, 25 without; for DriveShare the number is 30. They must upload a SIM, and in some cases Social Security numbers, then wait for screening and verification of security and safety, which can take up to 72 hours. Once approved, users can scroll, click, and complete details.

DriveShare is a subsidiary of the classic Michigan car insurance company Hagerty, which represents hundreds of thousands of vintage vehicle owners, most of whom only use their cars occasionally. “Many classic cars spend a lot of time in the garage when they can get income from their owners,” said Peter Zawadzki, founder of the application. “Many people want to drive a classic car, especially for special occasions, but don’t have the resources or time to own, maintain, and store it themselves.” This creates a win-win, especially because old cars like to exercise regularly. That makes their vital liquid circulate, their batteries filled, and their components dry out.

Turo is a giant of the three, a company founded ten years ago by a Harvard Business School student who now operates in 5,500 cities with around 350,000 cars. Turo acts primarily as a peer-to-peer option to Hertz Corp or Alamo Rent a Car, renting new cars for business travelers or tourists, but offering vintage vehicles gives it differentiation and stamp. “This is not the majority of our business, but it is definitely a very aspirational part,” said Chief Executive Officer Andre Haddad.

Vinty is a small indie. Where two other applications have national profiles, support from national insurance companies (Liberty Mutual Group owns shares in Turo), and a large collection of vehicles, Vinty has 1,250 classics which are mainly clustered in Southern California, where the company is headquartered. This is strategic. Although individual customers are welcome, the company and “host” get most of their rental vehicle income for filming, TV, and commercial, as well as special events such as weddings or corporate events.

“We tell the owner whether you can let someone else drive, or you can take the car for an event and ask customers to take photos with them and ask them to act as a buffer,” said company founder Pierre Lapointe. The ability to act as a servant on the spot, and not have a car that is driven, appeals to many fastidious old car owners, for whom the vehicle is their baby. (DriveShare allows movie rentals / events too.)

Drive-Driving TestShare and Turo
So, how does it feel to use this application? As with all things involving old cars, the results are unpredictable.

My first rental, Jaguar XJ-S 1990 from DriveShare, was flawless. At a price of $ 200 a day for a three-day rental, the owner met me on the side of the road at LAX in a V-12 white coupe – a car that I had designed before. We retreated to the nearest parking lot to get past the vehicle and its oddity and took a few “before” photos, then I left.

Despite its reputation for poor reliability, Jag remains steadfast. The car is turned on every time, the air conditioner blows cold, and the suspension absorbs impact, physically and emotionally, on the L.A. The drive also revived my search for my own XJ-S. Not surprisingly, this is one of the cases of Hagerty’s recorded use: prospective buyers take a vintage car for an extended trial before considering a purchase.

I did not have time to try Vinty, but I could feel Turo, rent a bright orange Ford Bronco in 1969. Delivery was not available, so I took it near the San Diego airport. There, I met an officer from Luso, a company that owns hundreds of cars and rents it through the Turo application. I did not receive instructions about the Bronco. After paying my $ 249 a day for five days (with 350 miles included), I was just given the key and released.

The Bronco will be a horse for adventure to the San Jacinto Mountains with my friend Lance. Because he never drove an old car, I gave him first. Rainstorms have enveloped the area and appear to have affected the electric connections in the vehicle, because right after we left, the horn became almost comical, even when parked. Unable to find the horn power cord, the situation became indefensible. I called the owner and took the booming Ford to the nearest store.

Because the store was able to fix its shortcomings the next morning, Lance and I decided to continue using the Bronco (the owner kindly offered a new Porsche convertible, but that seemed cheating).

The truck broke down three more times.

On the highway with a speed of 70 mph, the transfer case came out of the tooth, cut off the electricity and forced us to slide into a broken lane. Shortly after, after being filled, Bronco drove fast food and refused to start for 30 minutes. Then, after smoothly escorting us around the mountain for several days, on the morning of our departure, it again refused to start. Thinking that we might slide down the hill to the nearest service station, we pushed the Bronco past the neighboring courtyard – using slats to move small stones. After the level, it starts. We marched back to San Diego, and when I returned the Bronco, the owner was there. I told him about an accident. “Are you parking on a hill today?” He asked. I nodded. “Yes. Sometimes it does.” Details like this, I say, should be given first.

Even so, the Bronco remains fun, the attention robber is ideal for weekends. And anecdotes – which are indelible, but never life-threatening – are aging into legends. Old cars teach you to enjoy the madness that is always there at certain times.

For the less brave, each application has a protocol for interference. DriveShare provides roadside assistance through the existing Hagerty program and will return your money for any rent that cannot be completed. Turo will pull the truck – through Liberty Mutual roadside service – and find another local vehicle or change our Uber to the nearest available vehicle (even though it’s not an old Bronco). Vinty, as a smaller player, is easier to get out of hand, encouraging both parties to come up with a rescue plan before renting.

But if you are thinking of entrusting your precious baby to strangers who are not known online, unless it is proven that there is hatred or accident, any mechanical problems resulting from rentals are ultimately the responsibility of the car owner.

“We like to think like this,” Zawadzki said. “The revenue from DriveShare can help car owners offset the unavoidable maintenance and ownership costs associated with collector cars.”

I have considered renting out one or more of my vintage vehicles through this service, but after experiencing various possible outcomes – and the various habits of my vehicle – I reconsider cost-benefit analysis. Like Airbnb in my beloved lake house but it is funky, it looks more invasive, more headache than its value, a better deal for guests than the host.

Recently classic cars have been obsessed, but are less experienced (and less tired), Lance has a slightly different view, which is more in tune with the application’s mission. “I will definitely rent another vintage car – with you,” he said. “But I don’t really think I want one as my daily driver.”

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