Nada Used Truck Blue Book, How To Find Used Truck Values

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Nada Used Truck Blue Book – This is the easiest way to find used truck values. If you are in the market for used trucks then you will want to know what trucks are sold, so you will be confident and get a fair deal. And, if you think about trading your truck, you need to know your added exchange rate so that you don’t receive a low value.

Determining the true value of a truck can be difficult because many variables are involved when estimating values. Here are 3 easy steps you can take to find the value of a used truck, and make sure you get the best price.

Nada Used Truck Blue Book

1. Use Kelley Blue Book and NADA Book: Over the years much has been said and written about Kelley Blue Book becoming the automotive industry Bible in terms of automatic values. To be honest, most car dealers currently use the Kelley Blue Book combination with the NADA guide. By using both guides, you have a better chance of determining the true value of the truck.

Insider Dealer Secret Tip: I noticed for years that sometimes Kelley would put a used truck value slightly higher than the NADA guide. So using these two guidelines you will find happy media that are less biased and more accurate than the current market. This is what the dealer did.

2. Go to KBB and NADA sites: After you arrive at the KBB site and the NADA site, make sure and put all the information related to your truck. Check all the boxes next to any additional equipment on the truck. If you miss something, it can make a big difference in the amount of value you get. Make sure and enter your zip code so you can see what vehicles are valuable in your area.

3. Be honest. Choose Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor from the list asking for the condition of the truck. To get accurate used truck grades, you must be honest. Don’t say the truck is in very good condition if not.

After you determine the value of the KBB and NADA sites, open the and sites and see what trucks you have registered in your area. Remember what the dealer asked for and “sold by the owner” for their truck, not necessarily for what they sell.

Hopefully this guide makes the whole process of finding used truck values ​​easier for you, so you will get the best prices and fair prices for your next used truck.

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