Chevy Box Truck For Sale, Isuzu’s i-Series Trucks for 2007

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Chevy Box Truck For Sale – Isuzu is still in the pickup truck business, selling their version of the compact pickup of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. The Isuzu version is the preferred truck, although the range of models is limited.

At first glance, the Isuzu i-series is often considered, not quite true, as a warm General Motors product. While the series is more or less identical to the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, the fact is that Isuzu has contributed to the development of trucks. The deal is that Chevy and GMC will first shoot truck sales in North America while Isuzu will sell a slightly different diesel-powered version called the D-MAX in the Asia-Pacific region, which has been highly marketed.

Chevy Box Truck For Sale

Isuzu began selling i280 and i350 in the US in 2006, despite sales of a small portion of Colorado and Canyon. Part of the problem is the lack of choice. The i-series comes in only two versions: 4×2 i280 extended-cab manual four-cylinder transmission and five-cylinder 4×4 i350 automatic five-cylinder. Chevy and GMC continue to sell their version of the truck with a variety of cabin, bed, engine, transmission and driveline combinations.

For this year, everything has improved slightly. The four-cylinder Isuzu now offers automatic transmission, while the five-cylinder model is present in the extended cabin and crew and with a 4×2 driveline, although 4×4 is only available as crew crew. The two trucks also get a larger engine and a new name: i290 and i370, which reflects the 2.9 and 3.7 liter engines.

There are no carpets and AM / FM radios in the driver’s seat, although the AC and 4-wheel anti-lock brakes are part of standard spare parts. Truck accessories, which contain fabric chairs, carpets, rear jump chairs, CD / MP3 players, floor mats, and colored windows are all worth $ 699. Automatic transmission is at $ 1,089 and the bottom line is at $ 19,500. It contains a manual door lock and a crank window.

Extended i290 taxis have rear opening doors on both sides for easier access to the second row, where there are two folding jump chairs with 3 point belts and LATCH child seat anchors. Like most compact pickup rear seats, this is most suitable for children. After the chair is pulled up, people will find a useful plastic tool box that also flips forward to give a flat load floor.

This year, the i-series offers side curtain airbags, rare truck accessories on pickup trucks. They are optional on the LS Isuzus extended-model and standard equipment on the i370 with the crew cabin.

So far the high point of i290 is the engine. At 2.9 liters, it is very large for a four-cylinder engine, and it shows in numbers: 185 horsepower and 190 lb-ft of torque, the latter peaked at 2800 RPM which is very low. The numbers represent an increase of 10 hp and 5 lb-ft from the 2.8 liter engine last year.

It would be easy to think of the off-the-line i290 performance for a six-cylinder truck. Trucks lose some up and down motion at highway speeds, although passing acceleration (50 to 75 MPH) is sufficient. Four-banger has enough torque to rotate the rear wheels, even under moderate acceleration.

The I290 has a payload capacity of more than 1500 lbs, with a capacity of 2,100 with manual and 3,100 automatically, more than enough to carry small boats, several ATVs, or utility trailers. The width of the bed is 4 ‘9 “; the length of the bed is 5’ for the crew cabin and 6 ‘for the extended cabin. The movable support cable allows the truck body to be opened halfway and holds the load in this position.

The i290 steering is light, good but not sporty. The trip is very quiet at the speed of the highway. As mentioned earlier, the i290 comes with standard anti-lock brakes but does not have advanced safety electronics such as electronic stability control, which has just begun to enter competing products.

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