Used Truck Campers For Sale By Owner, The Lightweight Pop-Top Truck Camper Revolution

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Used Truck Campers For Sale By Owner – The hottest trend in the world of camping / landline cars today is the lightweight pop-top truck camper. They combine peak truck shells and roof tents. This camping truck is everywhere ready for adventure!

The pop-top truck suitcase gives you an interior standing room, a comfortable bed, and a large and locked storage area. It also offers a powerful platform for installing all your big adventure sports toys, like kayaks and bicycles, on the roof. The lightweight pop-top truck crew fills the void between traditional topper trucks and full-featured, RV-style, slide-in camper trucks.

Used Truck Campers For Sale By Owner

The idea of ​​an integrated tent on the top / canopy of a truck bed is not new. Lately, there are, new types of kemping are growing. And most of them combine wedge-shaped roof tents.

Let’s look at the current offer in the lightweight pop-top truck camper room. Which one will you buy?

AT Overland Equipment Summit

AT Overland Equipment has been making quality products for the North American ground community since before most people have heard the word “overland.” This company started with trailers of off-road-capable adventures.

Over the past few years, AT has moved to the roof and truck life system. The brand sent more than 100 Habitat open truck parking in less than two years on the market.

A new Wedge-style style caravan truck was introduced at Overland Expo West this year. The new camper is built on the same architecture as proven Habitat. The big advantage of Habitat is that you can leave up to 100 pounds of equipment on the roof when you pop it. No one wants to lower their adventure sports equipment to make a bed!

This summit is made of honeycomb composites which are lightly skinned with aluminum. This construction allows for impressive strength, low weight, and quality insulation, separating it from the competition.

Summit beds are 48-times-80 inches, long queen size beds. It has a 2.5 inch thick mattress and upward pivots out of the way when not in use, aided by gas springs. And there is enough space between the sleeping platform and the closed roof to leave the bed in its place. Making your bed in a campground has never been easier!

With the bed above, the space between the truck bed and the tent ceiling is 8 feet.

AT is also the only builder style builder that currently has a dealer network with a vast continent. This allows you to buy a summit and get product support closer to home, or wherever your trip takes you.

Go Fast Campers (GFC) XL Platform / Platform

If you want a little bling, and so far the easiest access to gear in bed trucks, the GFC Camper Platform is for you. This very lightweight camping system is designed for “go fast” camping adventures in remote off-road environments. This platform is designed for medium trucks while the XL Platform is designed for full-sized trucks.

Low weight and extraordinary strength is the idea behind the platform. The GFC says, “We build these things to jump.” Platform frames are made of steel pipes that are similar to cage rolls. This allows the camper to become very stiff and all parties open, because they are not part of the structure. The strong and very sexy roof latch and hinge mechanism are all made of aluminum.

If the weather is good, there is no better camping ground. The GFC platform is fully open like your own private cabin. And GFC makes all of the camper components in-house. This allows them to control, modify, and improve everything in the Camper Platform system along with the company’s growth and they receive more feedback from customers.

Snap! Outfitters Treehouse

Snap! Outfitters are born out of necessity. None of these style campers were available two years ago. After more than a year of testing, Treehouse finally came to the market. This aluminum kemping truck is rich in features and built to order. That means it will suit your truck and your needs.

One of the coolest integrated features of Treehouse is a three-step ladder from the truck bed to the sleeping platform. Everything in the Treehouse is designed for ease of use by almost everyone.

Barn door style back doors and open swing doors are also unique to Snap! These features make it very easy to access equipment on a truck bed while also keeping the elements out.

Snap! Outfitters are owned by veterans. It produces Treehouse in rural Pennsylvania for every individual customer’s needs. For example, if you want side windows and not side hatches, they can do it.

Vagabond Outdoors The Drifter

Owners of Vagabond Outdoors have more than 12 years of ownership of pop-top campers under their belts from various manufacturers. They have used that experience and knowledge to build what they think is a better product. The Drifter pop-up wedge-style truck camper was born in early 2017 and has recently entered production.

One of the killer features not currently offered by competitors is the standard drop-down cabin window. This makes it possible to roam into the truck cabin from the truck bed – if the truck is equipped with a rear window that is large enough to crawl.

The bed at The Drifter is 3 cm thick and has a high density mattress with a waterproof cover. The lid / bed design also makes the bed in place when the camper collapses.

Besides focusing on the production of The Drifter, Vagabond Outdoors also strives to become a retail retailer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently a dealer for well-known brands such as; Pioneer, Goose Gear, Blueridge Overland Gear, Dometic, Total Chaos, and Baja Designs.

Leentu Campers

Leentu has perfected the design of their camping trucks since 2015. There are two prototypes in various terrain and in various weather conditions. The final design is very unique and offers plenty of aerodynamic and interior shell space.

The less cargo you add to the vehicle, the better it will do – especially off-road. Leentu Camper must offer fuel economy that impresses and maintains a load for adventure supplies and equipment. With a target weight of under 150 pounds, this thing should be lightly crazy!

The attic bed will be converted into a seat or seat in seconds. When campers appear, interior space in all truck beds is more than 6 feet. Standard features of Leentu Camper include a number of LED lights, charging ports, and ventilation fans. It is also wired for diesel fuel, and the Carbon model includes 60 watt solar panels.


The OVRLND Pop Top is a full pop-up design. This lightweight aluminum pop-top camper is specially made to order. Can work with any truck and be fully adapted to buyer’s specifications.

Throughout the truck bed, Pop Top offers a standing height of 6 feet 5 inches. Vertical sidewalls also maximize interior space, which unlike other designs that are angled to fit the shape of the truck cabin. Medium-sized sleeping areas offer more width than others here.

OVRLND is a department store, so don’t expect mass production at Pop Top. What you can expect is a one-on-one attention and special building that suits your needs.

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