Surprise 16th birthday, gift is restored Broncothat belonged to his father killed in Iraq

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Surprise 16th birthday gift is restored Broncothat belonged to his father killed in Iraq-The Illinois man, who returned the Wild Cherry car for theft, is declared “innocent” on November 29, claims his lawyer.”We have the impression that the car is in good faith,” said Chad Eberhardt of the Iberhardt Legal Group in California, California, representing Chris Carter (39) about a month ago. , Collinsville, USA. criminal records.

Eberhardt said that Carter’s family hired another lawyer to report to Laura Godin, a woman who reported her stock in 1975 of a stolen abandoned mountain property owned by her husband Steven. Godin, near Lancaster, north of Los Angeles.
Earlier this year, Carter told Belleville News and told social media that local landowners, sheriff deputies, called the van “abandoned” and opened their doors on the clay path. Trailer loading to trailer and back to Illinois in November 2017

Eberhardt said last week that the legal history of a vending machine is not clear that civil law is the best place to solve a real estate dispute and that a decision in favor of Carter could help his criminal defense.

Surprise 16th birthday

“(His willingness to bring an action) shows how much Chris believes he is,” said Eberhardt. OPENING THE LAURA YEAR TO TIANA
Van-car became a well-known “wild cherry” after the first owner painted the words on the page with elegant golden letters. This is a matter of concern to the Vanning national community, partly because of nostalgia. He performed briefly at Van Nuys Blvd in 1979.

Laura Godin, 54, from Burbank, California, did not speak publicly for two months. Last week, however, he reiterated that the unauthorized removal of a privately owned vehicle was wrong, regardless of its condition.

“(Kombi) is not abandoned,” he said. “He never disappeared.” Only we had no means to get it back. “Godin explained that her husband bought a van in 1980 and that the couple took Boulevard Van Nuys to Yosemite National Park and lived there for six months, breaking up in the early 1990s and parking them in a 20-hectare location next to a small house and then burned in a fire.The family visited the property only every two or three years, Godin said, but they still paid taxes. He told me that the van was stolen in June and claimed that the title contained him.

Godin said that Wild Cherrry, with eight players, CB radio and hippie labels, including Cash, Ass or Her Grass, were emotional to his family. Nobody goes for free. ”

“Once upon a time we were all young and wild,” said Godin ……….

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