Big Tires For Truck, Man Puts Giant 37-inch Off-Road Tires On a Honda Accord and Goes Mall Crawling

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Big Tires For Truck, Man Puts Giant 37-inch Off-Road Tires On a Honda Accord and Goes Mall Crawling-You’ll remember the video from Russian Garage 54 ENG, featured earlier this year. In this document, Vlad’s master releases the 38-inch off-road tire for VAZ 2106 and publishes monks. Well, the American has decided to repeat this trick, albeit with slightly smaller tires in an ordinary American vehicle. UU.: The Sixth Generation Honda Accord.

YouTuber Bug BMX video sent by showing how he and his brother fooled a half-inch steel plate on both sides of 12-inch steel pipe. The twin screws on one side and the opening on the gigantic wheels, 24 inches and 16 inches on the other side: these wheels are known because they come from the massive BMX BMX BMX, where the master found on big wheels appears in the video we share. last week

Much of the meat looks good in Accord, and although the turn circle is likely to help the damaged sedan jump into the hills and snow covered. In other words, they have given the vehicle a “road” (also known as the “creep mall”), which represented 99% of loaded vans in the US.

Big Tires For Truck

I’m impressed …

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