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Used Ford Trucks For Sale By Owner – Ford has a view to seducing Toyota Tacoma buyers into its Ranger reborn pickup, which is sold next month in the US. In eight years since Ford left the small pickup segment with a nameplate, Toyota has taken the lead in the group’s market share. Wards Intelligence data shows Tacoma accounted for 47% of all small pickups sold in the US until October, or 204,443 of 438,612 sales.

Ranger’s market share in its latest sales year, 2012, is 7.0%. In the same year the Tacoma section was 50.8%. Ford’s small pickup market share peaked in 1999 at 32.2%. “When we left that segment, most of our customers went to Tacoma, and I believe we have a very capable product that will attract some of them back,” Chad Callander, consumer marketing manager for Ranger, told Wards during ’19 Ranger drive media here.

Used Ford Trucks For Sale By Owner

Although it is usually true that buyers of domestic brand vehicles do not have imported cross-store brand models, Callander has a feeling that will not apply to the Ranger.

So far, 80% of pickup handlers – those who have requested information about the new Ranger via email or snail mail – are not owners of Ford brand vehicles, he said.

“That’s a very interesting statistic for us,” he said of the hand raiser. “It tells us that we have the opportunity to expand the Built-Ford-Tough line and bring some customers into our pickups.”

It is unclear how many of the 80% might be owners of other domestic branded vehicles.

After a two-year gap, General Motors re-entered the small pickup segment in 2014 with a new generation of Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon.

The remaining players in the group include the Asian brands Toyota, Nissan and Honda.

Nissan is the only car maker besides Toyota that has remained in the group in the past decade, although Frontier is the oldest model in this segment – not completely redesigned since 2004.

Wards Intelligence puts the Honda Ridgeline (back in 2016 after a one-year absence) in the small pickup segment despite its unibody platform vs. competitor body-on-frame construction.

Unlike the Tacoma and GM models that offer 4- and 6-cylinder. engines and manual and automatic transmissions, Ford will offer a Ranger with only one engine and transmission: 2.3L EcoBoost turbocharged 4-cylinder gasoline. mated with 10-speed automatic. The engine, which has been used in the Ford Explorer, Mustang and Focus RS models, produces 270 hp and 310 lb.-ft. (420 Nm) torque at ’19 Ranger.

Part of the reason for a single powertrain is “this is not a versatile buyer,” Rick Bolt, Ranger’s chief engineer, said about potential customers. “They are not used to buying for certain needs. They want flexibility. They want to protect for the future. They don’t have to see trucks as tools. This is part of equipment, but not a work tool.”

Bolt said that Ranger used a 4-cylinder turbocharge. means that customers don’t need to increase to V-6 if they decide to buy a ship.

The new Ranger has a character that is more in line with utility vehicles because Bolt says people who come out of CUV or SUVs are not conventional truck buyers. They want the same level of comfort as high and springy ride-and-handling from utilities, even when they choose pickup.

He saw the demand for traditional trucks decrease. “I have driven a pickup truck for most of my life – I got a Super Ford (F-Series) to tow my racing trailer. I know what a real truck is, “Bolt said. “I think more and more people are moving in this direction, where (they) don’t (want) to provide comfort just because it’s a truck.”

Callander said there might be some full pickup buyers who would save on the Ranger, but more likely sources of sales were people who got out of the car or CUV.

“They want urban vehicles that can park, can park, and can maneuver,” he said.

Ford came out of the small pickup segment in 2012 because of fears the Ranger removed the sales of the F-150. Callander said it was no longer a problem because full-size pickups had grown bigger and more expensive.

“This really created this opportunity” under the F-150 to return with a small pickup, he said.

4×2 SuperCab Ranger model with 6 feet. (1.8-m) boxes starting from $ 24,300 for XL base grades, $ 27,940 for XLT and $ 32,210 for top-of-the-line Lariat.

The four-wheel drive adds about $ 4,000 for those prices, while the SuperCrew 4-door body style is around $ 2,200 more than the SuperCab configuration.

Goals and handling add $ 1,095 to all Ranger prices.

In contrast, prices for the ’19 F-150 2WD with V-6 start at $ 28,155 for regular taxi models, $ 32,240 for Super Cab and $ 34,695 for SuperCrew. Choosing V-8, long boxes and 4WD can add thousands more, while special values such as Raptor, King Ranch and Platinum start at over $ 50,000 and Limited luxe classes are more than $ 67,000 to start.

The purpose and handling of the F-150 is an additional $ 1,495.

Ford is building a new Ranger at the Wayne assembly plant in MI. This vehicle goes on sale in the US in January, although some configurations may have late availability, Callander said.

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