Used Trucks For Sale Under 5000, 45 great cars under $5,000 on KSL Cars

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Used Trucks For Sale Under 5000 – You know you can find almost any vehicle that you think of in KSL Cars, but there are some great deals out there on rides that you don’t think about. Here is a list of 45 vehicles that can be very fun to have.

Everything is registered for less than $ 5,000, everything is not in perfect condition, and for many people, their values ​​will be directed towards the future, not downward. * Given the great value of all these cars, it is possible that some listings will be sold when you read this article.

Used Trucks For Sale Under 5000

1. 1966 Ford Mustang / 186,000 miles / $ 1,100 (SOLD)
Are you going to pay a thousand dollars for a rusty car that won’t start? You might if it was the 1966 Mustang. Registered for $ 1,100, you might be able to get this instant classic for even big. The owner says it’s cranks but doesn’t run, and has rust, but it will look good just sitting in your front yard.

2. 1989 Ford Probe LX / 200,000 miles / $ 1,000
Ford had a good decade in the 80s, and the 1989 Ford Probe was a big sign for that. The style is futuristic, and the digital dashboard will make anyone remember when Levi’s 501 was cool for the first time. Has a slight damage to the body, but the inside looks decent for his age.

3. 1962 Dodge Power Wagon /? / $ 4,500
1962 The Dodge Power Wagon looks pretty low on the outside, but packs a neat and sparkling 440 engine under its brown hood. It’s 2wd but the owner claims to have no problems driving off-road.

4. 2007 Volkswagen GTI / 144,000 miles / $ 2,500
A VW Golf for cool kids is only $ 2,500? The problem with the GTI used is that usually cool kids have made modifications that don’t last long. This 2007 could be an exception to extraordinary shares.

5. 2005 Land Rover LR3 / 220,000 miles / $ 3,450
Like to gamble? This 13-year-old British SUV can pay off. LR3 is a temporary name exchange for Discovery, which the off-roaders call “Disco.” If it turns out OK, you’re in a very cool club; if not, you need a lot of expensive repairs.

6. 2004 Mercedes-Benz E-Class / 156,000 miles / $ 4,995
Mercedes E-Class with five liters of less than five thousand? Go for it (after you read the gambling alert from the previous list).

7. 2005 Honda CR-V / 185,000 miles / $ 3,300
What is a good way to say “boring?” No frills? Practical? If you are fine with a small SUV out there, this 2005 Honda CR-V looks very good, after you change the AC compressor, you have six months to delay.

8. 1980 Chevrolet C / K 1500 / 54,000 miles / $ 4,500
With a 5.3 liter Vortec LS engine swap, this 1980 Chevrolet Squarebody pickup can work. Throw some money into painting work and you also talk about it.

9. 2005 Toyota Sienna XLE / 207,000 miles / $ 3,450
Yes, this is a Toyota minivan with more than 200,000 miles above it, but 1) It has been loaded, 2) This should be good for another 100 km, and 3) Someone blackens the wheel and grille to give an aggressive appearance that can make every minivan looks scary.

10. 2005 Lincoln Town Car / 165,750 miles / $ 3,000
This grandmother’s Lincoln Town Car 2005 will turn your freeway into a comfortable cruise. If you don’t want to drive to Overton, Nevada for a test drive, just spend time in a loveseat – this is the same trip.

11. 1970 MG Midget / 122,000 miles / $ 1,500
You have to travel to Las Vegas to buy MG Midget. Both of them gamble, but with the asking price of only $ 1,500, you will have a lot of money left for repairs. Yes, the windshield is very short using three windshield wiper arms. On walking days, it will be difficult to find something more funny and fun.

12. 1988 Buick Reatta / 74,000 miles / $ 4,250
You may have never heard of Buick Reatta; This is a small and rare coupe with a 3.8 liter engine. It has a digital screen for A / C and stereo, and one for the instrument panel. 1988 this is one of the coolest ways to honor the 80s.

13. 2004 Scion xB / 170,000 miles / $ 3,200
The Scion xB is a loved or hated grill. If you are on the side of love and can drive, you can have a reliable and typical trip for $ 3,200.

14. 2001 GMC Safari / 110,000 miles / $ 4,500
This 2001 photo for GMC Safari van links us: he is doing a great job to show the adventure potential of having an all-wheel drive vehicle that you can use to sleep. The asking price is rather high, but the owner maintains it by saying he put a lot of money into it.

15. 1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia /? / $ 3,000
Buying an unfinished project can be a nightmare or great offer. Based on the value of Volkswagen vintage, the VW Karmann Ghia 1969 is leaning towards bargaining. Registered for $ 3,000, but it seems not far from a vehicle that runs less than five thousand, which is the cheap side of old VW today.

16. 2013 Fiat 500 Pop / 98,000 miles / $ 4.995 (SOLD)
That’s fun, it’s a little, it’s under $ 5K, and that’s in Idaho. Consider the funny lifestyle that Fiat 500 can give you.
17. 1982 Ford Bronco XLF / 190,000 miles / $ 4,000
Almost all white Bronco will be called OJ Simpson. This claim came from California, making it a little more likely. California’s heritage also contributes to the lack of rust – there is rust, but not much.

18. 2001 Ford Mustang GT / 158,000 miles / $ 3,500
Fancy speeding tickets? This 2001 Mustang must be able to accommodate you with a V-8 and manual transmission. This has a number of additions that must help withhold the interests of most law enforcement.

19. 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis / 53,000 miles / $ 3,000
Sometimes the vehicle you need is a large square boat. Don’t knock ’em until you enter a few miles of highway into one. This 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis claimed only 53K miles, and his seat made the RC sofa Willey became embarrassed.

20. 2008 Chevrolet HHR SS / 132,000 miles / $ 4,295
Chevrolet HHR is a small five doors (love / hate), with distinctive features (love / hate), and SS 2008 is a fast version. They only made turbos until 2011, so this one is rather rare.

21. 1965 Dodge Coronet / 109.992 miles / $ 2,500
Stop reading this article and buy this car now. This grandfather’s Dodge Coronet 1965 is listed for $ 2,500. It has a V-8, so the value doesn’t go down in the near future.

22. 2004 Honda Civic Si / 187,000 miles / $ 4,900
Want to make your trip fun? Try this 2004 Honda Civic Si. Si is not like other PKn; it is a 2 liter turbo with a six-speed manual transmission. This one claims mechanics are above average and cosmetics are below average for $ 4,900.

23. 2000 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GT / 139,000 miles / $ 4,995
Trans Am is one of their last two years. It has a 5.7 liter V-8 and exterior conditions are described as “Very Good.”

24. 2010 Kia Soul Sport / 133,000 miles / $ 4,000
This is one of the new cars on the list, but the Kia Soul looks unique from git-go, which one year before 2010 came out.

25. 1964 International Antique / 95,000 miles / $ 4,950
Old, ugly trucks are the rage lately, and you will be more popular than 1964 on this International. Lister did not give a description, but the specifications said it had a six-cylinder and two-wheel drive.

26. 2002 Mazda Protege 5 / 200,000 miles / $ 1,600 (SOLD)
What makes this year’s Mazda Protege5 cool is yellow paint, stick shift, and the asking price of $ 1,600.

27. 2002 GMC Savana / 100,000 miles / $ 3,500 (SOLD)
Unless you go to school, you don’t need a school bus, but consider the 2002 Savana GMC used by SUU Head Start (ironically not starting) the challenge of coming up with a kind of Partridge Family, the Magic School Bus uses it.

28. 1986 Ford Mustang / 132,000 miles / $ 4,500 (SOLD)
Yes, it’s Camaro; no, it’s not V-8. However, this ’94 looks pretty good for its age.

29. 2007 Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor / 154,000 miles / $ 1,400 (SOLD)
Technically, the car must be a Dodge to become a former Bluesmobile police car. The 2007 Victoria Victoria Victoria Interceptor Police claims the kickin sound system that should replace it by swinging the blues loudly.

30. 1984 Chevrolet Corvette / 106,000 miles / $ 4,200
Choose ’84 Corvette? Of course why not? Especially when $ 4,200 is the asking price. In addition, the buyer tells you that he is willing to negotiate with less money or almost anything you show on his doorstep.

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