2017 Ford Raptor Truck, 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor: 40,000 Miles of Three-Ton Flying Fun

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2017 FORD RAPTOR TRUCK – Image via hips.hearstapps.com

2017 Ford Raptor Truck – If the Ford F-150 Raptor is a geographical feature, it will have a Grand honor before its name. Like the Grand Canyon or Grand Teton, a Raptor is a national treasure that deserves to be called something substantially more significant, more important, more important, than an ordinary truck.

The importance of the Raptor lies in how it reverses the traditional notion of pickup, turning it from a utility vehicle to a toy. True, trucks have been more than wild animals for years, growing calmer and more comfortable when they turned into family vehicles. But the Raptor is a jumper and mound runner who can also carry and pull and do almost anything else that the truck does. Grand, like we found for 14 months and 40,403 miles in our care.

2017 Ford Raptor Truck

Almost everyone needs a truck several times a year. Some people even bought it for several occasions, then tolerated their size and fuel economy for the sake of image. But the Raptor made compelling reasons to ignore its even bigger size (6.4 inches wider and 1.3 inches higher than conventional SuperCrew 4×4 F-150s) and thirst (16 mpg versus 19 mpg combined with 3.5 low-output V-6 liter) by balancing those burdens with virtues such as, say, the ability to fly, land gracefully, and go home. Try it in another three ton vehicle without wings. Its deliberate appearance, which exhibits Fox’s long distance absorbers under large fenders, also doesn’t hurt. That he did all this without the slightest foolishness of brodozer further increased his appeal.

Even though the payload and tow ratings are compromised relative to the conventional F-150, there are enough functional pickups here to meet most needs. Our 8000-pound crane Raptor rating is 2700 pounds lower than the equivalent SuperCrew F-150 4×4 equipped with a 375-hp EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6 and 10-speed automatic. The 1,200 pound Raptor load capacity is also 830 pounds lower than that truck. Soft suspension, travel far sags below the weight of the tongue forced by a 5,000 pound car trailer. When we pulled up with a bed full of parts and equipment, his nose pointed up and the steering wheel was light and loose so a normal F-150 wasn’t. Leaving aside the silence in the air, the truck is able to attract two and a half tons of weekend fun thanks to the EcoBoost torque of 510 feet and 10-speed automatic puller calibration. And if you are not always attractive, maybe seeing the cloud when you do it is not a deal breaker.

Very fitting, our 2017 4×4 SuperCrew Raptor is valued at $ 64,800 (base price of $ 53,140). Standard equipment includes a 450-hp twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6, 10-speed automatic with paddle shifters, and 4.10: 1 electronically controlled differential locking differential. Our big ticket option is the $ 9345 802A equipment group, which adds the Torsen front differential, the Sync 3 infotainment system, trailer-brake controller, remote start, and more. We also chose to beadlock wheels that were able to be faked with aluminum $ 1165 17 inches, spray bedliner $ 495, and a $ 375 tailgate step for easier access to that high bed. The heated steering wheel adds $ 155; the heated rear seat is $ 125.

It might not surprise you to know that we warm up quickly to the Raptor’s torque. Sprayed with snow or gravel – the Raptor doesn’t discriminate – the streets around the C / D headquarters are forever broken. But we also appreciate the truck’s important points. So read the notebook: “No one has made an initial throttle response on a boosted engine better than Ford. Walking only in one or two millimeters and 3.5 liters is already awake, even before turo is online.”

The advantages of the 10-speed transmission are less obvious. It faded into the background during the freeway leaping over and passing several gears at once during downshifts, but accidentally slammed aggressive homes second and third gear shifts while driving around the city. Not a smooth and responsive master gear that exchanges eight speeds of ZF in Ram. And many of us who give up use rowing shifters in any situation other than the most aggressive driving. Even then, choosing equipment that is suitable for cornering speed is a contest among as many as three candidates. Ten is too much to replace your own teeth.

Six Raptor driving modes – Normal, Sports, Weather, Mud, Sand, Steel, and Rock Crawling – deserve to be there. Each mode determines things like differential-rear and throttle settings and transmission mapping. Steel and Mud / Sand modes automatically select all high-wheel drive drivers, while Rock Crawl requires the driver to switch to a low range. On its surface, automatic shifting feels like a comfort tool, but in practice, this means shifting gears with far more frequencies than is possible if doing so requires more drivers. Steel Mode provides adequate easing control to enjoy the 13.0-inch front Raptor and 13.9-inch rear wheel drive in our western Michigan verification area, also known as the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. That’s where a driver was moved to write: “Experiencing this for the first time in its element will rearrange the minds of the traditional truck people.”

The Raptor also rearranged parts of the gravel road in northern Michigan, where it proved to be far more comfortable with speed than the 5,890-pound truck, easily luring the driver to connect the corners of the gravel in sloping glory slides. Again, notebooks prove the potential of trucks: “If you dare to forget the size and mass that is large enough, this truck is planted enough to be moved like a big rally car.”

At the Raptor 10,000 mile service, dealers see oil on the back of our truck’s air filter. He changed the filter, and the problem – maybe the result of a positive engine ventilation system that brought oil into the intake – lost forever. We have four oil changes, which are combined with other routine maintenance and four-wheel leveling, totaling $ 531. Signs of 30,000 miles passed during the wet and salty February. Approximately at that time, our truck trailer wire plugs continued to shorten and caused an incessant warning of instrument clusters and bongs that were heard whenever the shortage occurred. And if you are wondering how Ford handles this kind of problem – according to our dealer, it befalls many F-150s – it blows pressurized air into contaminated plugs and waits for drier weather to arrive, and that happens. In June Meanwhile, bonging continues.

One of the Raptor’s biggest assets is the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T / A KO2 rubber, which allows it to carry out off-road antics like the one pictured here, quite motivating in the snow – we never run winter tires because there are no winter tires because they don’t there is a match – and help him calmly work on daily tasks. Our KO2 shows broad capabilities but not without problems. The first problem arose – literally – around 6500 miles when the right-front tire developed a prominent bulge of the sidewall and had to be replaced at a cost of $ 268. We replaced all four tires because they were worn at 24,284 miles at a cost of $ 1040, which included mounting and balancing. Other tire problems arrived when we completed our long-term test: We found the left front was not round, which we stated was the cause of 40 mph loud vibrations. We replaced the two front tires for $ 523 before returning the truck to Ford.

In May 2017, right after completing a 1000 mile break-in period, our Raptor vaporized the 60-mph mark in 5.5 seconds and bulldozed the road through a quarter mile in 14.2 seconds at 97 mph. In June 2018, around 39,000 miles later, it added 0.5 seconds to both milestones and lost 4 mph from the speed of the trap. In the closing test, the truck needs an additional 2.5 seconds to reach 100 mph. Some Raptor horsepower, it seems, has disappeared as fast as seven BFG and 2850 gallons of gas. The braking distance of 70 mph remains stable, stretches from 212 feet to 215. No one cares about the truck’s initial number of 0.69-g and the lateral end-acceleration of 0.70-g.

Raptor is not easy to pump and we are no exception. The most grim fuel economy, only 6 mpg, came when we bombed the dunes. And when pulling a 22 foot snowmobile trailer weighing 3500 pounds to northern Michigan, it’s not much better. With the engine running on heavy impulses for most of the trip, the Raptor produces 8 mpg of OPEC thrilling. During our loans, on average 14 mpg, 2 mpg below the combined EPA 16-mpg rating.

After reaching 40,000 miles, the Raptor began to complain with noisy and non-shifting transfer cases. Dealers replace damaged shift forks, clutch assemblies, and a handful of worn internal components under warranty – repairs that take a week.

The raptor is big, not as fast as it used to be, and consumes an expensive drivetrain of only 40,000 miles. Its virtue does not blind us from its mistakes, but its reliable competence for most of these tests also cannot be ignored, especially given the way the Raptor tempts us to drive. That it’s fantastic on land, sand and snow won’t surprise anyone. But its effectiveness in everyday life – even when everyday life includes a burst of excitement that opposes gravity – surprises us. Functional enough to be a truck that can be used as well as pragmatic family vehicles. Maybe the only thing that is lacking is subtlety. Get yours on Magnetic Metallic like we did. No one will realize it.

Rants & Rave
Trapped in a car wash. Too wide – one of the few mistakes. —K.C. Colwell

The real trick is to be able to adjust the whole family comfortably, then drive straight to the sand dunes for a hard wheeled day. —Mike Sutton

So smooth off-road. Ease that covers rough ground with intoxicating speed. It takes a serious custom rig to compete with its capabilities. —Mike Sutton

This is a Camaro ZL1 1LE pickup – it’s just that it functions better as a daily driver than the Camaro can do. —Ceppos is rich

The Raptor is the only new vehicle where I aim at the hole. —Alexander Stoklosa

He smoked in a sand drag race by a pair of Duramax brodozers running paddle tires. —Mike Sutton

Every time I go up to the Raptor, my Fitbit thinks I’m going up the stairs. —Maxwell Mortimer

A brilliant combination between driving, handling, steering, powertrain muscles and refinement, off-road meat and comfort. Extraordinary! —Ceppos is rich

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